Sickle Cell Anemia


Mass media is largely associated with Public Health. They are paid millions in account of salaries and the production of pamphlets, brochures, newspaper articles and television programs. The primary objective of these activities is to develop learning of correct health information, transforming health attitudes, and development of a positive health behavior.


We will be focusing on sickle cell anemia disease.


We will discuss the symptoms, causes and treatment of sickle cell as well as analyze the role of mass media in creating awareness about this disease.


Sickle cell disease has three types; S disease, SC disease and Sickle cell anemia. They are caused by mutation in blood protein called beta globin. The mutation leads to changes in the shape and behavior of red blood cells (Pet Quinn). The sickled, slick and stuffy red blood cells of sickle cell disease cause severe organ damage and intense pain.

The person suffering with the disease can feel pain associated with blocked blood vessels. It can lead to hospitalization in the worst cases. The blocked blood vessel will cause spleen, lung and heart damage, and stroke. It even causes anemia which leads to drowsiness.


Sickle cell disease is common in many regions of the world where mosquito-borne diseases like dengue and malaria are present. According to medical science, people who are suffering from sickle cell disease are more vulnerable to malaria (Peterson, 2008). Approximately 0.2 million children across the globe are born every year with naturally carrying this disease, majorly in African region.


A person is screened for hemoglobin test to find out the disease. A child with sickle cell makes hemoglobin S instead of A. This helps in finding the disease in the child at the earliest state and helps in getting proper medical treatment. When we talk about the treatment, bone marrow transplant is the only way available currently of getting cured despite the high risk involved in it. It is observed that the chances of getting cured decreases with the passage of time. Adults have a tendency to refuse the transplant while the children who were suffering severely with the disease were able to get rid of it.

In the light of the above explanation and research it is clarified that sickle cell can be cured. The mass media must be focusing to create awareness amongst masses that they go for early screening of their babies to determine the hemoglobin type in its blood. As we learnt that the disease can be cured easily in children as compared to adults.


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