Running head: COLOR BLUE


My Life as a Person Strongly Influenced by Blue






My Life as a Person Strongly Influenced by Blue

A single word to describe myself based on my dominant color.

A single word to describe myself, based on blue, my dominant color, is the word “builder”. Mary Miscisin (2009) pointed out that blue people tend to have their world revolving around relationships and people. They value building quality relationships. I have noted through introspection and also from evaluations by colleagues that I have this inclination towards building in other people traits such as self-esteem and making them realize their true potential. Therefore, I can arguably make the general deduction that, as a blue, I value building strong relationships. Furthermore, I tend to avoid and dislike violence, lack of communication, sarcasm, lying, personal rejection, and lack of close friendships – all of which are obstacles to developing and establishing valuable relationships.

How my color line-up affects my inter-personal communication in a general sense

My color line up in order is blue, gold, green and orange. Blue is my most dominant color. Since blue persons like – or rather love – building relationships, it is not very difficult for me to approaching people and strike friendships with people who were previously mere acquaintances. Gold, being my next dominant color is revealed in my melancholic personality. This color and accompanying personality trait makes me approachable albeit formally. The third color in the lineup is green because I generally do not like small talk since I tend to be highly rational in my conversations. Therefore, albeit rarely, I prefer having serious conversations in which the subject matter is worth discussing. Finally, as a seldom orange, even though I would often be found having serious conversation or being contemplative, I still find the time to entertain some fun and humor in my life even if it is not predominantly.


How my color line-up affects the way I perceive new situations

When I am faced with new situations, whether it is a challenge or a positive change, I accept it and take it one step at a time. I acknowledge it, like most blue persons do, because it is part of my search for deeper meaning in life. I always look for the good and the positive side of the situation. Secondly, having a good amount of the gold temperament, my motivation is to belong, that is why in order to be, I acknowledge changes. I tend to notice a lot of details in the new situation that other people would otherwise miss. On the other hand, being almost least green, there is a side in me that tends to question new situations. For the most instances, these are those challenging cases. And again, very rarely, there are times that I instantly delve into new situations, embracing them fully, without question, perhaps for the excitement that it brings. These times of orange behavior are random moments whereby people would often say that I am not being myself.

How my color line-up affects my problem-solving techniques

In terms of solving problems, I tend to rely heavily on my feelings and intuition, although this is not always the case. Other times I would use my intuitive skills to form a basis for rational judgment and then I begin analyzing the problem from there. These uses of emotional intuition reveal the traits of orange in my personality. On the other hand, in situations whereby the problem is too difficult for me to solve, my green side would appear. This is because I will tend to become obsessed with my inability to solve the problem and will spend a lot of time thinking about it. Lastly, as far as my orange traits are concerned, I cannot think of any traits that I apply to problematic situations.


How my color line-up affects my emotional responses

Being primarily a Choleric and a people-person, I tend to be compassionate more often than not. Since I am not really predominantly contemplative like melancholic people, I tend to depend a lot on feelings and whims. However, the gold side of me unfolds when the situation is concerned with responsibility. Responsibilities must come first, so I try doing away with my compassionate responses. This is often a difficult feat and a challenge as the tendency to put the person before the responsibility is very high. It is not very often that my green trait is exemplified in emotional situations, as for a fact, green people rely on logic most of the time. I seldom try to rationalize emotional situations. Orange, being the least present within me, during emotional cases may also not come out in me as orange people will most likely try to move on over the emotional situation.

How my color line-up affects my reaction to conflict, and ability to deal with it

As an initial instinct, when a conflict situation arises, I tend to always want to resolve it as fast as possible or ignore it. I would quickly seek to make peace with the person that I am in conflict with. My being gold does not show up in the conflict situation and it therefore does not significantly influence my ability to deal with it. Because I am aware that gold people tend to control the situation and always have the argument in their favor, I do just the opposite. I am always quick to apologize or take the fault. But I think this is because I deem it an easier and quicker way of ending the conflict. Sometimes, my being green becomes evident when the person whom I am in conflict with gives irrational arguments, which I sometimes point out. My orange side does not show in such cases because I am not inclined to saying harsh words or making hasty decisions when confronted with conflict.


What I consider would be a beneficial change for me in the way my rainbow of colors unfolds.

I appreciate it that I have a blue personality. Because of the characteristics attributed to this color trait, I can make a difference in other people’s lives. I can bring out the best in them without imposing any pressure or carrying a domineering attitude. Nevertheless, perhaps I could be a better person if some gold traits, like the strength of planning, would be honed in me. With that, I know I can be more responsible in accomplishing my tasks and setting life’s goals as well. On the one hand, when it comes to unfolding a strand of green trait in me, it would all be helpful if I could work independently. This is somewhat hard for me since I always enjoy other people’s company. But it is something I am willing to work towards attaining. Meanwhile, I would also prefer it if I could acquire a more heightened sense of adventure as is present in my orange trait. I believe being care-free once in a while enriches life. If these color traits would unfold in me, I can further utilize them in making others feel good about themselves. I will also use the change for self-progress, enriching my self-esteem. On the other hand, I want to get rid of negative traits such as being passive, suppressing and not confronting problems, being overly sentimental, and being too generous.










Imagine a scenario where you need to help a client come to terms with the recent loss of employment. Suggest some things it might be important to remember about your approach to the client based on the client’s color line-up, and some options you might suggest, when dealing with this situation with:
A client whose rainbow is dominated by Blue

For this client whose dominant color is similar to mine, I will make sure that I acknowledge their positive attributes, as they are positive thinking persons. Blue persons need to be reassured of their self-worth. I will see to it that I show my appreciation for the little favors he has done to himself; maintain a constant communication with him as he needs someone whom he can express his emotions; have patience with him as I know he may always need the pep talks. I will tell him to let go and move on and be in a harmonious environment. When giving him recommendations, I will try not to sound bossy. I will reaffirm that he always has this opportunity please leaders, build relationships, and help others. Nonetheless, I will not treat the counseling as an ego-building for him, but I will tell him what he needs to know but never let him feel that he is neglected. I will suggest that he should spend time with his friends. Company would be the greatest asset that I could provide such a person with.
A client whose rainbow is dominated by Green

I have to admit that approaching this client is pretty hard since he is not into emotional conversations. Therefore, I have to carefully think about what I am going to say since green people are drawn towards people who are both logical and objective. For this, I provide an authentic feedback on the quality of his work. This will and should include the negative aspects that he needs to improve upon. Therefore, I will allow myself to disagree without criticism, that is, I will paint for him the bigger picture and show him how this set back can be used as a stepping stone for an even better job. I will give patient answers to all his questions. I will relate the possibilities he can undertake that can have a very positive impact to his future for I know how important he considers the future. I will reiterate to him that he still has unending opportunities to display competence, explore options, and learn.

A client whose rainbow is dominated by Gold

It would be much easier to talk to a gold person especially since that it is also my next dominant color. The first thing that I just have to bear in mind is to provide him with a consistent line of advice. I will tell him that he needs to move on since he has these responsibilities on himself and his family. I will help him devise and establish clear principles regarding moving on with the trauma of employment termination. I know I can get him through that since gold people value responsibility. I will also make him realize the concrete awards he can achieve in starting life anew. I will encourage him to take advantage of this period to plan his next move since a gold person like him does planning best. I will do my best to highlight his positive qualities by telling him how his being disciplined and diligent, and industrious will enable him to get to the place where he wants to be. I will acknowledge that he is realistic, but he still has to take high risks. At the same time I will suggest that he should not overwork himself and learn to indulge in other things like rest and recreation so that if something fails, he would not get that frustrated. He must try not to plan for everything, try to be spontaneous like orange and have fun, let go and be care-free for once.
A client whose rainbow is dominated by Orange

Like green persons, orange persons are also difficult to talk to since my traits are very different from theirs. This is even harder for a traumatic situation such as termination of employment. This is not a frequent or sudden change that he is used to and he will thus find it harder to cope with. Therefore, I will have challenge his imagination by suggesting that he choose an outdoor or field job to suit his very mobile personality. This is meant to get him to see the job termination as an opportunity. I will tell him to go for a living that does not impose unnecessary restrictions. On the other hand, so as not to force himself to let go that instant of the distress, he may want to letit out through nature trekking, spending more time in the gym and all the stuffs he enjoys the most. I will tell him of his great strengths that everybody does not possess. For instance, he can act quickly, succeed or fail without interference, and express himself. I know that orange people believe that they deserve and are worthy of the best, so best to encourage him to opt to do private practice. In that way, he has the time in his full hands and all the freedom he seeks for always.


Mulkeen, P. (2002). Clash or coordinate? Understanding personality styles. Extension Service, West Virginia University.

Miscisin, M. (2009). Showing our true colors. Port Talbot, SA: True Colors Publishing


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