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Management Memorandum














From: Your name, a student representative of New York’s public opinion

To: Mayor Michael Bloomberg

Subject: Evaluation of New York City Stat Stimulus Tracker

Date: 31 May, 2011

Summary: New York City (NYC) Stat Stimulus Tracker meets the objectives of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARPA), directed to the social welfare provisions: it is an innovative management tool that in fact stimulates the city’s economy. However, it is not an ideal type of performance management that helps the USA to overcome the current complicated period of economic recession. Improve this tool, taking into account the principles of total quality management. Expand the opportunities of this tool, making it demonstrate more detailed information concerning ARPA funding allocations, additional data about the other states and other performance indicators (for example, concerning saved budget money) future prognosis, public opinion (through expression of category representative’s opinion),etc.

Background: NYC Stat Stimulus Tracker is quite an effective tool that helps to measure the performance indicators of recovery funds, allocated to NYC stimulus projects. It shows current and displaced stimulus funding, stimulus amount expanded, and actual full time equivalent jobs retained or created through stimulus funding. This performance management tool works successfully, as it transparently provides comprehensive and reliable information to New Yorkers concerning the government investment into eight funding categories.

NYC Stat Stimulus Tracker demonstrates domestic spending in the eight major categories for NYC: from infrastructure to medical relief. However, these funding categories are too broad, and they demand better grouping. Make them more detailed, and include subcategories (for example, education category should comprise academy, university, school, etc. subcategories with corresponding indicators of investment and spending).

The measures for each group and funding stream seem logical and produce the real result of accountability and measurement of ARPA outcomes. The measures are rather transparent and accountable, than desired. Try to meet the ultimate objectives of ARPA, and improve the funding stream performance indicators.

NYC Stat Stimulus Tracker should provide other useful comparisons and insight for individual agency and funding stream performance. Expand the opportunities of this tool by providing information about government investments into funding categories of other US states: it will allow a New Yorker to compare the performance indicators among the US states, and identify the problem peculiar to New York. Make this tool more public-oriented, not government-oriented: the representatives of these categories need an opportunity to express their opinions about the most problematic areas.

NYC Stat Stimulus Tracker is a useful tool for coordinated City outcomes; nevertheless, it needs to be improved. The public should be aware of the real allocation and distribution of ARPA funds, and see the progress, made by the government in relation to the mentioned categories. Provide this tool with specialists’ prognosis concerning the future governmental expenditures and domestic public spending: it will give all New Yorkers an opportunity to concentrate on the problem solution.

On the whole, NYC Stat Stimulus Tracker process holds up to the criteria discussed in the relevant literature about management and the governmental politics in relation to budget, costs and investments; however, the researchers’ works may provide with additional criteria that should be implemented in this tool. Elaborate more influential and efficient strategy through this tool: adapt it to the principles of total quality management (including information about NYC budgeting, human resource, information management, reengineering and privatization) (Cohen & Eimicke, 1998). Reflect thrifty government through presentation of indicators; show how much money the government has managed to save for the social benefit (Osborne & Hutchinson, 2004).
























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NYC Stat Stimulus Tracker. (2011). Official Web-site. Retrieved 30 May, 2011, from

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