Self assessment essay






            It has been a long journey for me to be able to write an essay effectively. On the clarity of explanation, I was very poor from the first essay where I was not able to bring out my points on my life experience. Even when I had the idea in mind, my grammar was so poor and even though I was repetitive in an attempt to drive my point home, the lecturer always awarded me low grades. There was direct translation in my first essay and this was evident in my first three essays (Lester 23).

On trying relevance, I always found myself deviating from the matter at hand in my essays. In my first essay the first paragraph had a lot of irrelevant information as I tried to expound on how and why different experiences occur to people. However, by my third essay, I was able to stay relevant as evidenced by the review I wrote on an article. On the final essay that I submitted especially, I tried to use the skills I had learnt to write an all inclusive essay while still trying to stay relevant.

Legibility is another assessment criteria I have developed to enable me meet my assessment criteria. In my first essay, I was not even able to come up with a title that was more specific for to the topic. The title page for my work had numerous errors and the fact that I was so repetitive did not help matters either. The problem persisted and by my third essay I was able submit correctly formatted work.

On originality, I was not creative enough and my description was devoid of interesting facts particularly in my first essay where I could not come with an interesting narration of what I used to go through. My explanations were shallow but by my fourth essay, I believe I can submit an article that is fascinating while still staying relevant (Lester 23).

One particular area that I really struggled with was formatting my essays in the required standards. In my first essay, I could not even write the correct draft number for my work. It was error prone whereby I couldn’t indent it as per the English 12 guidelines. The paragraphing of my work was very poor and I found myself leaving hanging lines between paragraphs. By my second essay, I hadn’t improved much and I forgot to provide a title for my work. However I hadn’t learnt how to paragraph my work correctly and I was able to indent the first word of every paragraph. After much practice and consultation, I perfected the skill and my third essay was correctly formatted (Lester 23).

Grammar was another stumbling block for me. I submitted my work in loosely connected words. I even went as far as letting out my frustration on the essay on how I found it hard to communicate in English. With a lot of exposure and patience, I practiced by writing numerous essays and the lecturer always guided me on the correct use of words. To eliminate direct translation, I had to learn how not to think and bring out my ideas in my native language. I didn’t have many problems in this area as evidenced by my third essay where I tried to bring out my points having taken command of the language. I tried to let the ideas flow in my work without trying too much. However I learnt how to fragment my work into shorter sentences after writing the third essay.

Citing my work correctly has been an uphill task for me. While writing my second essay I did not cite the sources of my work despite the fact that it was a research paper. Therefore, my professor could not award me quality grades because the sources of my information could not be authenticated. By the time of submitting my fourth essay, I had not understood the concepts of citing and quoting the author of my research paper. The main problem I was experiencing in this area was due to the fact that studied the writing manual correctly to understand the concept but I had only used it for class assignments.

With a lot of self discipline, I learnt how to format the works cited page although I had not yet mastered the art of formatting it correctly. In my fourth essay for instance, I italicized the type materials used for the work instead of the title. However, I have mastered my writing skills and in my final essay, I tried to format it as per the writing guide. I was quick to learn how to write my work using the correct font. By the time I was writing my first essay I was not familiar with the fact Times New Roman was the correct body for my work. My work was unevenly spaced and with a large font. However, I practiced hard enough and handed my second and subsequent essays in the right formats (Lester 23).





Work Cited

Lester, James. Writing Research Papers (9th edition).New York: Longmann Publishers, 2009.

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