Marketing Plan for Dominos pizza

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Executive summary:

Dominos Pizza is a corporation that deals with the delivery of pizza in different countries and has its head quarters at Michigan, United States. The corporation was started, in 1960. Currently, it is among the largest pizza chains in United States of America. It has over 600 stores in different growing cities in Wales, Ireland, and England among others. Dominos Pizza is a subsidiary of Domino’s Pizza UK and IRL, plc and it is quoted in the London Stock Exchange market (, 2011).

Internal Environment Analysis:

Dominos Pizza corporation is a pizza delivery company with franchise stores in so many countries. Its reputation for being in the industry for long has earned it an advantage over other upcoming pizza stores. The stores are able to monitor and maintain quality and consistency of its products. From the many years of experience and staff dedication to serving customer needs, the company has earned a good public reputation. The store recognizes that different customers have different needs; there are those who order the Domino pizza to satisfy the need for food caused by hunger, and there are others who want to enjoy the pizza and the comfort; thus, the Pizza hut. Internally the employees support each other, although everyone has duties and specific roles to play. However, teamwork is always encouraged. It would be impossible to serve the target market effectively without dedication of the internal personnel involved. The franchises have to meet set standards to do business with domino pizzas. This aids in building the public reputation of the company.



External Environment Analysis:

Dominos Company operate in an environment where there is free competition.  There are other companies in the market that offer the same products. Therefore, competition for customers is there, the resource and raw materials used in preparation and competent employees have also found perfect competition in this market. To retain its employees Dominos pizza has to offer competitive remuneration as per the prevailing market rates. The suppliers also have to be treated in an appropriate way to get reliable suppliers always. These measures are crucial in order to enable the company to earn a competitive edge in comparison to other companies dealing with similar products.

SWOT Analysis:

One of the Domino pizza strength is in its delivery system of its products to customers. They are known for quick delivery for the products. The image and good will it has earned itself in its time of operation is also a strength for the company. The franchises have a reputation for quality services and product variety. The service is of high-quality and hygiene is satisfactory. The customers are thus satisfied with the offers at Dominos pizzas. Some of the weaknesses are the lack of enough parking spaces in the stores, in adequate stores and high prices for its products into the market (, 2011).

Dominos pizza also has an opportunity in that the fast food market has not been fully exploited by the other similar companies. There is more room for expansion and more attractive offer can be designed in order to exploit the existing market environment. The threats facing Dominos pizza is in the emergent of other pizza delivery firms the biggest threat being papa John’s world pizza makers.

Marketing objectives:

Domino pizza aims at maintaining the current good will and reputation from customers through enhancing the quick delivery service. This can be done through acquiring extra motor bicycle for pizza delivery. Home delivery will also aid in easing the challenge of parking space because some customers will order from home.

Giving promotional discounts once a week in a bid to reduce the pizza prices to customers is another marketing objective which stands to benefit domino pizzas.

Opening of extra new franchises in at least three states each year will help to get to the market of fast foods, which is growing. Domino pizza aims at positioning itself as a high class in dining pizza and take away restaurant. It aims at offering quality service that will see it achieve market leadership and have competitive advantage over competitors in a profitable and cost effective way. This is through more advertising and brand awareness campaigns. Increasing sales and profits will lead to more growth of the dominos pizza.

Marketing Strategies:

The corporation plan to achieve market leadership through more promotions. It can also use offers and discount to attract more customers and retain the existing ones. Online market and internet transactions where order and delivery is online can also increase the reach of more customers and the target market for its products.


Implementation of marketing strategies:

The promotions and discounts can be communicated to the target markets through posters and banners. Opening some more stores in other places will improve the market reach, which will increase sales.

Evaluation and Control of market Strategy:

The marketing objectives of growth will be evaluated by looking at the sales volumes and profit margins. Sustainable incentives can be given to attract customer feedback and response. The customer base and market growth can also be measured by evaluating and monitoring the repeat sales and new sales. Soliciting customer feed back will help to determine when customer satisfaction increases or changes (Luther, 2011). To monitor loyal customer award and bonus programs can be implemented.

The sales volume growth will be represented in term of percentage increase to see the change in sales after the promotions campaigns.

In all, business customer satisfaction should be given the priority over other issues (Kennedy, 2011). If the pizza stores keep their customers satisfied, there is more chance for growth into the future. Domino pizza marketing objective stand to look at the profitability, survival, growth of its brand and market share of the incorporations.






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