What I Understand about My Temperament

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What I Understand about My Temperament

 The combination of my character and abilities is what makes up my personality trait and hence my temperament (Isacoff, 2007). From a temperament sorter, I discovered that my temperament entails an artisan trait. In comparison to other personality traits, it gives me the broad ability to balance between exemplary leadership skills, best performance at work, and the ability to satisfy the interest of others.

This kind of personality involves risk takers as artisans always possess the drive to achieve their goals besides venturing in activities that others have not attempted before. It is enhanced by the fact that I really like to work using my hands. As an artisan, I usually find myself winning the confidence and admiration of those around me, who include family, friends, as well as colleagues. I believe that most of the things I do are enjoyable and full of fun.

Since I additionally always enjoy being where action is, I derive a lot of fun in every activity in which I engage. As a result, it enables me to do everything perfectly as though it were the last.

From research, these qualities among others are of great significance especially in an organizational setup. This is because they enable me to be alert most of the time, able to negotiate due to the ability to follow my instincts because of my keen senses and capability to produce best performances at all times. This is a professional advantage as it allows me to exhibit my perfect leadership skills in dealing with situations that involve emergencies and chaos. I am additionally able as an artisan to take part in other social activities such as sports and artwork in the organization naturally. With these, I am able to create a positive impact on whatever organization I am working in, as I am able to set a perfect example to others at all times.



List of References

Isacoff S. 2007. Temperament. London: Faber and Faber. Print.

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