Hero’s Legend


Legends and myths existed in the world since creation. Many stories are told which do not make real sense to people today but remain wonders in their lives. For example, the origin of the world and human beings is yet to be established, with several theories formulated to explain it. Supernatural powers remain responsible for occurrences of every wonder or eventuality that human beings find difficult to understand.  There exists a 15-year old boy who poses powers similar to a supernatural being. His name is Death Diseased Dead Dude. His age mates referred to him as 4Ds. People in his village discovered weird behaviors in him; they learned that he has powers above normal human beings.

4Ds developed faster than his age mates, and when they went to school, he could learn extremely fast as compared to pupils of his age. He was even used to ask teachers questions beyond his age. His parents were summoned to the school by the teachers to help them understand whether the boy was normal. When the mother went to school, she was shocked as well as she told teachers that she cannot answer some questions asked by her son.  At 8 years, there was a chicken pox outbreak that affected many children, leading to deaths of several. 4Ds refused to get vaccinated and survived without acquiring the disease. The mother recalled that he was once infected with chicken pox and after getting cured he has never been sick again.

After one year, he acquired another deadly disease that almost took his life. He was treated by many medics in vain. Then one morning, he advised his mother to get some herb for him. When he ate that herb, he got well and people in his community adapted the use of that herb as a cure for several illnesses.

It is said that 4Ds never acquires one disease twice: once he got cured of one disease that became the end of him contracting the disease again. He dresses in goat skin, unlike his age mates who dressed in formal clothes. It was said that his grandfather left the magic to the boy since he never contracted even common cold. At a point, people started consulting him on the kind of herbs they need to eat or brew to get medicine for their illnesses. They believed that he knew because everyone who had herbs prescribed by 4Ds got cured.

His greatest fear was rainfall, and during rainy seasons, he remained supremely inactive. Nobody understood the reason behind his fear of rain. When asked why he does not like rain, he said that when he gets rained on, his ancestors will be sad and the punishment can be unbearable. 4Ds is an extremely humble boy, and his villagers say that it is rare to find boys of his age reason in the same way as he does. He is consulted by people of all ages, and this promoted his popularity. In fact, scientists visit him to learn about herbs he believes are medicinal. They try those herbs and find out cure for many diseases.

This boy is of considerable importance to the community because he guides people on the herbs they should take whenever they get ill hence saving a lot of lives. He is also acutely kind to everyone in the community and assists anyone whenever called upon. Therefore, he makes his mother proud who is as hugely popular as he is and is associated with positivity all the time.


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