Good health is one of the most important aspects of human life. Human beings do their best to obtain and maintain good health. Man may achieve this by eating a healthy balanced diet, exercising regularly, drinking plenty of water and avoiding other health hazards. Such hazards include excessive consumption of alcohol and un-prescribed use of hard drugs like cocaine.

To obtain and maintain good health, man applies various ways to achieve this. Some people believe in the power of prayer to heal diseases and ailments. On the other hand, other people believe and use traditional medicines to address their medical concerns while others entirely rely on biomedical medicines to heal their ailments. In the ancient times our ancestors believed and put their trust in traditional medicines. Herbs and medicinal plants were used in various ways while administering them to the sick persons. The various ways include; boiling the leaves of a plant, chewing the roots or the bark of the herb and drinking the resulting liquid or drying the plant and putting the resulting powder in the wound (Myers and Moro, 2000).

In those ancient times people relied on traditional medicines since biomedical medicine had not been discovered. However even after it’s been discovery, most people still depend on the traditional medicine. This medicine cannot however be quantified. The question that arises is whether the biomedical community should accept this medicine. I am on the affirmative that this medicine should be accepted. This is from the fact that biomedical medicine has evolved from traditional medicine where an active ingredient from the herb is extracted and tested for their effectiveness in treating specific disorders. For instance an extract from Artemisia annua a plant from China has been used as anti-malaria for Asia for over 2000 years (Myers and Moro, 2000). Another fact is that some modern medicines have to be proved before being certified for use by people.



Monica wrote. “First, most biomedical medicine was made from traditional herbs. The medicine was only improved by scientists and when various tests certified that it could heal certain diseases they recommended that it should be used. There however other diseases that biomedical community have not discovered their cure e.g. HIV/AIDS. This simply means that biomedical medicine cannot be said to have provided permanent solution to all diseases. Therefore even though traditional medicine cannot be quantified, it helps most people deal with their health issues even those the biomedical community cannot address. Just as you have indicated traditional medicine should only be refuted only when it causes health risks to people.”
















Moro P. A. and Myers J. E. (2006). Magic witchcraft Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion, McGraw

Hill 8th Edition


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