In a Million Words or Less


All cherish your guardian on earth! What a Mighty Mom! By recognition of your marvellous efforts from the wits in my head, sincerely you are one in a million. I am proud of your relentless efforts which have undisputedly put my child on track in terms of behaviour and performance. I fully support your endeavours in educating my child on all relevant areas in the British literature, as stated in your curriculum. That is why, I remain optimistic that you will furnish my child with all literature skills to enable him apply what he learns into real life.

On my part, I will support the child where I can with his research work, home works and projects to ensure that he gets a passing grade prior to his graduation. Financially I will support his enrolment, pay the entire fee and other library charges so that he gets access to all literature books, videos, printing services and other materials necessary for his learning.

Great mom! Matters of classroom attendance should be strictly adhered to and no absence should be compromised, unless stated otherwise. Nonetheless in case of any disciplinary action, please inform me to chat the way forward. On the films, I permit you that my child should have access to all relevant films provided that they comply or are related to their literature and other course-work objectives. In a nutshell, I am confident that through your great mastery in student education will remain evident, as always, in what the child aspires to become in the future. I am grateful of your work and I heartily support you, Mighty Mom!


Chesler, Nicole. British Literature-CP English IV. “In a Million Words or Less.” Gurdian

Response on Child Conduct. 2011.


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