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Education does not always involve the study of books or going to class but rather, it is inclusive of any experience that affects ones thoughts, feelings and/or actions in a formative way. It is the process through which societal values, customs, skills and knowledge are passed from one generation to another. Since time immemorial, education has been a strong pillar in any given society; the educated members being more respected as they are more knowledgeable and consequently more successful in life. It is for the above reasons that I grew up respecting education and knowing that I had to be educated in the right way, to be able to achieve my lifelong goals and dreams. As a kid, I always wanted to do want interested me most and even take it up as a profession; machines interested me and my dream to become a mechanical engineer one day did not come as a shock to those who were close to me and who actually understood my passion.

I was not born into a rich family, nor was I brought up in a rich neighborhood, though I always knew that one day, my life would brighten up and I would live the life I always envision for myself, doing what I enjoy most. From the beginning, my primary school education was not a bed of roses. It was characterized by a number of hardships like walking long distances every morning and evening to get to school, a school which was a few kilometers from home, but which my parents thought was best for me, the lack of educational materials and having to read at night with candles as the only source of light due to the lack of electricity. Years passed by and sooner than later, I had finished my primary school education, and was graduating into high school. It would have been easier to join a public high school together with most of the folks, who I grew up with, but my grades were way above average and the chance that I could actually get a scholarship into one of the best private high schools in the state excited me. And so I made an application. However, my application was declined, but as luck would have it, one of my primary school trustees had seen my potential and he offered to sponsor my high school education. It has been a smooth sail since then, with new experiences every day, meeting new friends, gaining new confidences and working harder towards my goal.

I am sure that high school has/will provide a good baseline for my future endeavors. I have often taken up units which utilize machines and I believe that my skills have been polished and will enable me to join the university to study mechanical engineering. I look forward to the time that I will finish my education and employ my skills practically in the professional field. As the saying goes, east or west home is best. I intend to return back to my home country where there is an evident need for human capital. The resources in my home country are under-utilized, and with the educational qualifications that I will have obtained, I am certain that I will play a big part in promoting growth and development in my home country. Apart from that, I also intend to use my knowledge, skills and whatever resources I will have gained as at that time to give back to society; in encouraging and supporting young children who might have a background similar to mine not to give up but rather work harder towards their goals. The possibility of the above will be enhanced by the fact that I have always engaged in community activities something which has helped me meet different people and develop networks which will help promote my deeds.

I have been a prominent member in three different youth groups in my community, which are involved in different activities ranging from youth empowerment campaigns to promotional activities which solicit for donations from people to give to children’s homes. This has enabled me to learn that people are different in their different ways, and that acceptance of these differences is what will promote healthy relations and curb conflicts. Given an opportunity, I hope to help promote these relations for the betterment of individuals and the society as whole.


Ebony. 1993. Johnson Pub.Co.


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