Service recovery of Heathrow airport

Title: Service recovery of Heathrow airport
Introduction / aims and objectives
London Heathrow AirPort is as well referred to as Heathrow (IATA: LHR, ICAO: EGLL. ‘It is located in London Borough of Hilling don’ (Sherwood 1990). It is one of the busiest Airports in the United Kingdom and has been said to be the third busiest airport in the world form the current statistics of 2011. This has been arrived after the consideration of the passenger traffic, handling more international passengers than any other airport in the whole world.
‘It is one of the busiest Airports in the European Union by passenger traffic’(Cotton, Mills & Clegg1986). And the third busiest in Europe after the Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport and Frankfurt Airport .Heathrow is the main Airport in London having replaced other air port in London which includes the RAF Northolt, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton, and the London City.
Current record indicates that more than 175 million passengers have travelled using the Heathrow airport making it the busiest Airport in the World and making London the busiest city in the world as well. .The air port has the following details illustrated here below.

Air port type
BAA limited
Heathrow Airport limited
Hilling don, UK
Hub for
British Airways, BMI
51o28’39”N 000o41’” W
Passangers 2011
75000, 000
Location within Greater London Run away Direction Length Surface m ft 09L/27R 3,901 12,799 Grooved Asphalt 09R/27L 3,660 12,008
Grooved asphalt Statistics (2010) Passengers 65,881,660
Passenger change  in 09-10  0.2%
Aircraft movements 454,823
Movements change 09-10  2.5%

Heathrow airport is used by over 90 airlines flying to 170 destinations all over the world. This air line fly to approximately 170 destinations of the whole world. It is a primary Hub for the BMI and the British Airways and virgin Atlantic has a base at the Heathrow.  67 M passengers travel annually of which 11% are abound for the destinations within the UK. 43% are short international travelers and 46% are long distance travellers.
It is from this understanding that the company needs a service charter for the customer handling and for the customers’ satisfaction. It is no wonder that the business keeps fluctuation and therefore, there is a needs to establish the challenges for the Heathrow air port and address each challenge in order to retain the customers in the airport and as well win occur their loyalty I terms of the services that is provided.
To find out solutions for the problems encountered by the clients of  Heathrow Airport.
To improve customer service, customer loyalty and customer retention and enhance customer satisfaction for the clients
Service blueprint
It is a systematic list of all the service functions that are performed and giving an averaged figure for the completion of the  service plan.
Heathrow is one big giant and sprawling airport divided into five terminals. T1,T2, T3, T4 and T5. Is a one big airport handling most of the international airport traffic. Due to the increased size, and as well associated increased demand for security requirements and as well the fact that the growth does not take place because of the busy schedule the whole airport is always in, there is is need to  keep the clients and ensure the their satisfaction . Most of the time there is overcrowding and this has as well developed a a reputation of very long queues, leading to inefficiency and delays. Some delays. However are justified especially if it involves the security of the clients and with regards to bad weather. Also the frequent closure of specific terminals for repair is a cause of major inconveniences and this need to be done for the long term basis. A specific instance is that involving the closure of terminal 2 and terminal five making all the airlines to relocate to new terminal position which halts all the logistics of the airline for the duration it is relocating. Terminal changes are being made and this will definitely cause very long queues at the time of resumption of the service. In this case, British Airways is being moved from terminal three to terminal five. Customers need to be well organized and guide throughout this because as big as the terminals are located, there will be confusion in all the terminals when location of the proper terminals. In the process, security need to be enhanced and luggages of the customers may disappear in the process.  This is the new location of the new airline s terminal for the airports.
Star alliance Airlines
One world , virgin Atlantic, British Airways, headed for Barcelona, Gibralter, Madrid, Lisbobon, Nice, Helsinki, Malaga, Vienna.
British Air ways and Qantas Flights to Bangkok, Singapore and Australia.
Star alliance.
T4All sky Team airlines.
All Team Airlines
Most British Airways flights

Getting at the airport has no problem because of the highly networked routes to the air port. Which are by car and train. This has enhanced road network to the extent of 24 hour accessibility. However, at peak hours, there is always road congestion traffic on the way and one may take long to get to the air port especially when one is late for the Airport. ‘There is also underground tunnel to the air port that serves to reduce the traffic at the entrance of the airport’ (Sherwood 1990).
The following represent the terminal at the Heathrow airport

Heathrow airport terminals
Customer care representatives need to be located at every terminal and fed by different road net works from the main road to avoid road congestion at the time they are getting in. ‘This should be followed by a well represented guideline maps of the places and the directions of the booking point for the verification of the tickets, check up/screening of people and the luggage point, and exit for boarding of the airlines’ (Bettencourt 2010). This maps need to be made online and as well provided along with the tickets to reduce wastage of time looking for direction.  As such time management would have been put into consideration.
Service blue print map.
Area of concern
Customer service.
They are regulated by BAA, HAAA
Installation of customers sensitive equipments (PSE), such as the Lifts, terminal track transit system
Arrival baggage reclaims belts, fixed electrical ground bulk, stands pre-conditioned air for guidance of the aircrafts.
This need to be installed afresh as it concerns the security for the customers.
Queuing at departure transfer area, security control posts, staff search, for catering the flight crews.
Passenger perception of availability for the sitting in the departure, the quality of information, directions, cleanliness of the toilets,

The security ought be increased and
Design the map of the service blueprint of the airport
Heathrow facts and figures.
Total size of Heathrow Airport: 1,227 hectares
Number of runways: 2
Length of runways: Northern 3,902m x 45m. Southern 3,658m x 45m.
Annual air transport movements in 2010: 449,220
Daily average air transport movements in 2010: 1,231

Destinations and airlines
Total number of  airlines: 89
Total number of destinations served are about 176 (in 90 countries)
Passenger numbers
The number of passengers arriving and departing per day on average is approximately  180,100 (split 50/50 between arriving and departing.
For 2010 the number of passengers arriving and departing  was 65.7 million
Busiest day ever recorded passenger numbers was on 18 July 2010 with 232,000
The most busiest month ever recorded passenger numbers July 2010 with 6.7 million
One of the most busiest year ever recorded passenger numbers 2007 with 67.86 million
The international passengers as percentage of 2010 is 93% (60.9 million)
domestic passengers in 2010 constitute 7% (4.8 million)
Percentages of domestic, European, North American and other long haul passengers in 2009
Domestic – 7.4%
Europe – 40.3%
North Atlantic – 22.3%
Other long haul – 30.0%
Passenger volume by terminal millions 2010
Terminal 1 – 13.6 million passengers on 118,318 flights
Terminal 2 – closed for reconstruction
Terminal 3 – 20.4 million passengers on 107,387 flights
Terminal 4 – 8.3 million passengers on 54,217 flights
Terminal 5 – 23.4 million passengers on 166,940 flights
Passenger profile: AB: 49%; C1: 41%, C2: 8%, DE: 2%

Cargo tonnage in 201o was approximately 1.47 million metric tonnes
Total BAA staff at Heathrow: 6,422
Total employment at Heathrow Airport: 76,500
Failure analysis
‘There have been several failures at their port before’ (Gallop 2005). This includes the following. First was about the check flight time and secondly it was on passengers loosing their luggage’s. ‘This destroys all the confidence and trust that clients have on Heathrow’ (El-Haji & Roy 2005). Nothing like it has happened before should ever be allowed again in history.

These incidences have occurred before such as:
Incidence                Date                    Event
Terrorism and security.
8th  June 1968,

26th November 1983

21st 1988


March 2002
‘The assassin of Martin Luther King Jn was captured at Heathrow while attempting to board and UK bound plane with a Canadian passport’ (Halpenny1992).
IRA planted several bombs at the terminal car park. Two people died.
Robbery occurred and 68000gold bars worth 26million pounds was stole and only a fraction was recovered
Pam Am Flight 103 from hearth throw was blown up killing 259 people on board.
On a six day period, Heathrow was targeted thrice.
Thieves stole US $#million that had arrived on a south African Airways flight.
Weather and natural effects.
15th April 2010,  to
22nd April 2010,

18th dec 2010,

Jet engines were damaged by volcanic ash in the upper atmosphere.
Heavy snow fall causing closure of the entire air port, considered one of the largest incidence of Heathrow. Flights cancelled for five days. 9500 passangers spend the night at Heathrow.
The snow also occupied the thecar park and on 198 parking stands which had all been occupied by aircrafts.

Pareto analysis  is the use charts that contain both a bar and a line where the individual values are represented in a descending order by the bars and the cumulative total is represented by the line
Customer retention
Process improvement –performance
Process improvement includes the flowing measures being conducted at the airport.
in order to reduce the loss of luggage of passengers and the fear of threats and death by terrorist. The Heathrow airport needs to increase the number of security personnel at the airport
Loss of luggage as well will be reduced utilization of the most currently technological screening equipments to check for bombs, and other dangerous weapons. ‘Security is a vital for passengers concern over their life’ (Bromn & Keely 2006).
The airport as well needs be to develop other run a ways so that there cannot be any delays in term of pacing on the run away. ‘Considerate amount of money should be invested in the run always to help develop the airport’ (Clark & Baker, 2004).
A railway hub should be constructed and inked to the fast speed electric rail, this will enable to reduce the congestion of the vehicles at the car park and also ease on the traffic on the road that lead o the airport. This will address the lack of accessibility of the south west of the Airport by connecting to the Guildford, reading and waterloo.
From the total for 180, 000 passengers, the total number passengers arriving and departing is 50/50 at the airport.

Customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and customer retention
Customers believe in quality service and security. When all this are guaranteed, the Heathrow will be the safest destination by foe everybody in the world.
Challenges can always be handled when approached from a customer point of view. From the statistics indicated here, it can b seen that as much as Heathrow is the busiest airport in the world, there are decreasing number of clients. There can only be one way of mitigating this challenge, by improving on customer satisfaction and then the customers will be retained.

Bettencourt, L. 2010. Service innovation: how to go from customer needs to breakthrough     services
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