Global Crime Rates

Evidence from the official website of the U.S state of department indicates that Israel is one of the countries with high homicide rates in the world. Homicide in Israel has not been a surprise since it has been in existence since the time immemorial (Jones and Johnstone 2012). This is because killing was compensated by the members of the family whose member committed the crime. This can be seen from the outset that it creates enmity and the idea of revenge emanates. The high crime rate in Israel is as a result of political violence which has seen many youths of the age 15 to 24 dying since they are the most active during such events. This rate is considered the highest in the world seconded by the U. S which is followed by Scotland and New Zealand (Friedmann 1998).

One would expect a country with such high level of crime rate to be economically challenged, for Israel it is the contrary. The economy is regarded as the best with high GDP every year. There are however some wars now and then between Israel and the surrounding neighbors. This could be the reason for the cases of homicides. It is also good to note that economic indicators are not directly related to the rates of homicides. This is because technology is at the peak and thus economy is improving. In this case it is expected that people will settle and respect one another since the rate of employment is very low, but it is the contrary.

There are actually other indicators that demonstrate the continuity of the homicide trend. The discrimination against the non-Jewish population is a bad sign that hatred will suppress humane and thus more killings (Friedman 1998). If this is the case, then the new technology of advanced weapons which is as a result of the high level of scientific invention, will keep the trend of homicides at the same level or even higher.




Friedmann R. (1998). Criminal and criminal justice in Israel: assessing the knowledge base toward the twenty-first century. New York, USA: State University of New York.

Jones M& Johnstone P. (2012). History of Criminal Justice; homicide in Israel. Waltham, USA : Anderson publisher.



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