Nations have jointly raised attention as per the crimes that taking place against information on computers. It seems that laws that have been put in place so as to govern such crimes will not be able to be effective as expected. Consequently, governments and businesses will continue to suffer as they will only be able to rely on technical measures in order ensure their enterprises are well protected from any attempt of theft, accessibility denial or even making attempts to destroy useful information to the enterprise.

It has been proved that cyber protection may not be essential as it does not sufficiently assure total security for business operation. Enforcement of law should therefore be done. Countries with little legal protection may not be in a position to go through in the new economy.

With increase in cyber crime beyond a country’s borders has become a great worry to many nations as their electronic massages may be blocked by the network and has turned out to be a risk. It is therefore the role of the government to scrutinize this kind of crimes and find ways possible to combat all kinds of crimes that are associated with cyber.

Uniqueness in cyber crime

Cyber crime is considered a draw back to the growth of any business. A country should arrest and prosecute anyone with such criminal prospects. This kind of crime does not only affect the trust that exists between an entrepreneur and its client but also threatens the security of the country. Basing on the past statistics, security breaching has risen by about 50 percent. Moreover, there are several instances or attempts where illegal access were made were done and were not reported have occurred across the world. This has been as a result of victims fearing to be exposed vulnerable to copycat crimes.

Basically, cyber crimes may be termed acts that are done either from or against a network or computer and are harmful. They vary greatly with terrestrial crimes through a number of ways.

They are easily committed. The fact is that for this kind of crime to be committed, few resources are required, not necessarily present but committed in a jurisdictions, they can be easily learnt and their illegality is not well defined.

Nature of cyberspace in its transition has complicated how law effectiveness could be enforced. Cooperation mechanisms across a nation’s boundaries that are to be used in solving this kind of crimes through prosecution have been proven to be complicated and slow.

Nation’s Information security

Basing on the information security of a nation, the trust that a client has towards that particular information is put into much concern and its security of storage on networks of every nation is what should be considered. Information security is all about the level of strength that a nation has in protecting its useful information and how they proceed to protecting intellectual property rights mainly to the software. Secondly is the level of effort that is needed in order to assure electronic privacy. Finally is the productivity of legal framework in authorizing digital signatures.

There should be also efforts to examine how E-Readiness to the existence of legal framework so as to prosecute cyber criminals. Useful information need that they be protected as they are critical in terms of usefulness.

Despite the fact that majority of the countries have considered solving the issue o information security a wider topic, few have managed to effectively, take into action what they have put across concerning the perpetrators of cyber crime being held accountable.

Generally, approximate of up to 50 percent have been realized to need more on information security improvement so as to meet the current demands. Laws and regulations that are outdated, baseless enforcement mechanisms that can be used to protect networked information has brought about a unfavorable environment where e-business is suppose to be conducted either within or without the nation’s borders.

A country’s exchange is usually threatened when the legal protection seem to be inadequate of digital information thus bringing about barriers and endorsing a stunted growth of e-commerce. With e-business expansion to the global market, the growth of both strong and consistent ways of protecting networked information should be ensured.


Many countries are still adopting the terrestrial laws to prosecute cyber crime. Many countries depend mainly on archaic statutes which are the main cause of the cyberspace.

Statutes are characterized by their weaknesses of increasing the importance of private sectors efforts of technical solutions development in information security.

Most of the developing countries are looking for a good model to follow. This type of countries has seen the usefulness of adopting a good environment for information security.


In order to ensure well secured property, laws governing property rights should therefore be enforced as a first priority. Governments being a dominant authority to look upon the cyber crimes should fight against the bad behavior from their boundaries.


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