This essay explains why I wish to be the manager in charge of the special projects and also the executive assistant. I will demonstrate that I have what the Ministry is looking for in terms of knowledge, communication skills, leadership skills, and research and analytical skills. I will further demonstrate that I clearly understand the structure of the Ministry and the operation requirements of the branch. Above all, I have great enthusiasm and ambition for the challenges presented by the position. I strongly believe that a combination of these aspects will make me successful in supporting the director and moving the branch to the next level.

My Knowledge

Having had an expansive knowledge in the Ontario Public Service, I have acquired immense knowledge in government processes of business planning, structures of administration, processes of government financial planning and accounting practices. Before assuming this position, I worked with the Revenue Collections Branch as the Manager, Training and Internal Communications Unit. Therefore, I am well conversant not only with the principles of accounting but also with the audit standards of the Ministry. Specifically, I managed the budget of the Unit. Earlier, as indicated in my resume, I served as the Senior Tax Program Specialist at the Relationship Management and Business Development Branch from the year 2008 to 2009. Here, I was responsible for interpreting and applying tax laws, tax administration agreements and I also kept myself abreast with the trends and contents of revenue policies as applied in the government. My knowledge in audit also comes from my two year experience as the Manager, Program Advisory and Training at the Revenue Collections Branch from 2002 to 2004. During this time, I was not only responsible for reviewing but also contributing to the Auditor General’s Report. Additionally, I managed all the expenditures of the branch. All this experience combined with my academic qualifications in Accounting Fundamentals and Collecting Accounts Receivables give me the confidence that I have the necessary knowledge in government financial planning processes, accounting practices among other competencies as outlined in my resume.

My Leadership Skills

I strongly believe I have excellent leadership skills that would propel the Branch and the Director’s initiatives to great heights. My leadership skills are well exemplified in all the management positions I have held in the Ministry for a decade now. For example, while at the Revenue Collections Branch, I guided a team of seven Training Officers responsible for design and implementation of operational and technical training programs for the branch staff across the province. This was only possible following my strong appeal and influence of the people who work under me in spite of their social class. In all the management positions I have held before, I have managed to form strong teams of employees and also stronger relationships between the department not only with other departments but also with other partners.

My leadership skills have been enhanced by the relevant leadership courses and workshops I have undertakes and attended in the course of my career. Therefore, I belief that if I am given the opportunity, the skills will be very useful to the branch. My record of the courses and trainings I have attended can conspicuously be seen in my resume. For instance, in March 2010, I took an e-course at the Ontario Public Service (OPS) center on how to welcome customers with disabilities. I have found the course very helpful in my holistic relationship with people across the board including the physically disadvantaged. In 2009, at the same center, I also went through a course that focused on leadership and values. The course added a very important perspective in my leadership skills since I was able to learn that a leader without values is not a leader at all. In the context of this position I am convinced that values will be of indispensable in dealing with matters of finances and operations across the province. My leadership skills have also been greatly enhanced through more workshops and courses attended at the OPS centre between 2004 to 2010 on dealing with difficult clients, career planning, conflict of interest, security and confidentiality of information, email etiquette and information sharing within an organization. With regard to my success as the executive assistant to the audit director, security and confidentiality of information will be very helpful.

My Communication Skills

I have to emphasize that my success in leadership is strongly attributed to my ability to communicate clearly and impressively to the people I lead. My knowledge and skills in human resource development and management were greatly enriched in my recruiting roles throughout my career in the public service. My skills in interpersonal communication have exponentially grown in the course of my ascension in the public service. I have been able to develop strong negotiation skills with partners and stakeholders of the departments I have managed. My hallmark is to retain relationships with every party I am engaged with in any professional duty. I will definitely do well in managing operations and relationships because in have the fieldwork experience involving. My career has been filled with many training responsibilities especially as a trainer of trainers. In the latter, effective communication is always emphasized so that the message is clear. In 2005, I participated in a many trainings which conferred me indelible skills on how to advance organizational communications. Lastly, presentations have been at the centre of my professional life. Through experience, I have been able master my voice, posture and eye contact when making a presentation. I also have exceptional skills in Microsoft PowerPoint which is used in most presentations.

My Research and Analytical Skills

My research and analytical skills are exceptional at least in cases where I applied them. I will demonstrate this by citing my experience as the Manager of Collections Planning and Research from 2006 to 2008. I did not only receive statistical reports but also analyzed trends in those collections and the economy at large. I am convinced that my experience as a manager in collections research will be of immense value in audit. Other than the research experience I have received so far, I am a naturally analytical person. I pay a lot of attention to details because the unknown lies in the details. In analyzing trends in taxation, a high sense of judgment will be required in making decisions for future financial events. My research skills include both qualitative and quantitative techniques. I also have adequate background in inferential statistics. As I have stated above, part of my experience was characterized by analysis of statistical reports on the collections and making intelligent judgments based on cumulative trends evident in research information. The field of research today requires up-to-date information through technology. Through my knowledge and competency in internet use, I would be of help to the branch and the director in offering advice on the emerging trends. I will be keen in establishing global trends in financial processes and taxation.

My Understanding of the Branch

From the onset, I am aware of the additional responsibility that the position entails compared to other Executive Assistant positions. I understand very well that management of operations across the province, exclusive to this position, calls for more accountability. As stated at the beginning and also in the resume, having worked for over a decade in the public service, I am looking for new challenges of a slightly different magnitude from what I have been doing. I understand that a high sense of accountability will be required on the part of programs, personnel, finance and material and errors. Most importantly, I am aware of the Ministry’s organizational structure, its strategic plan expectations of the branch and the implementation plan to address the five key themes for the branch (Ontario Ministry of Finance, 2012).

The Ministry of Revenue has four strategic priorities which include value for people, optimization of provincial revenues, enhancement of stewardship and championing modernization. Therefore, all the operations of the branch will be aligned to these strategic priorities. In addition, under my oversight, the branch will effectively pursue its mandate by focusing on five key themes: morale, understanding the branch mandate, communications, knowledge transfer and compliance to March 1, 2012 stipulations of the branch. In the context of these themes, I will motivate the workforce, make them understand the branch’s mandate, push for timely communications, initiate continuous learning programs and year to achieve the highest level effectiveness. I will also seek to achieve the outcomes stipulated in the strategic plan by striving to make sure that the workforce is healthy and well engaged, accountability frameworks and stewardship programs are put in place, encourage province-wide compliance and finally seek to improve this section of the public sector by modernizing the operations.

If given the opportunity, I will be highly responsible and accountable in delivering and accomplishing my duties. In terms of program accountability, I will use my skills in project management and research to establish the necessary resources required in the running of the branch and consequently advice the senior management, including the director on what needs to be done. Other than research and project management skills, I will also apply my experience in drawing budgets to advise the director. In addition, I will use my supervisory experience in human resource management in directing the administrative staff. In a further attempt to be accountable in terms of personnel, I will diligently handle the grievances of the staff and also apply the necessary disciplinary action against the wayward employees. In this case, my skills in communication and leadership will be applied in delivering this responsibility.

My further understanding of the responsibilities of the branch has to do with my accountability to finance matters. This is a very key issue that requires a great deal of values which I believe I have. My public service record is entirely untainted and therefore I will be very accountable and also set new standards of performance for the staff. My accountability will also encompass my responsibility to errors in the advices in will offer to the director. However, I will be very cautious not to make any mistakes which will be made possible by my expansive research and consultation.



Ontario Ministry of Finance (2012). Organizational structure. Webpage. Retrieved from

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