Management Development Program


Management development program refer to series of modules and activities designed and delivered over time. These programs have a design that fits into the cultural organization of a firm. During an undertaking of a MDP, it is essential to perform a review of basic groups of modules present for the different groups of employees and managers at the firm. In addition, the execution of a MDP can use the services of experienced firms, which provide the MDP courses. These firms have the capabilities of using varied techniques in delivering the MDP services to the clients (Collings and Watton, 2000, p. 52). MDP occurs as a discipline that that enables companies to offer improved services to clients. In addition, the discipline enables the firm to attain its objectives. The MDP ensures that managers facilitate motivation through the application of various behaviors and tools available through MDP.

Currently, businesses have management strategies that have their basis on the leadership capabilities of the managers. MDP has the capabilities of advancing the leadership strategies of these managers. Investing in the leadership capabilities of the managers is crucial in maintaining the operations of the firm and ensuring the attainment of the objectives of the firm. These leaders have the responsibilities of ensuring the smooth running of the firm and the attainment of the objectives of the organization. In addition, they have the task of ensuring planning and establishment of favorable market position of the firm. Most importantly, different managers and leaders have different strategies in approaching issues and leadership. Some of the managers ensure the satisfaction of the employees while other managers rely immensely on operational efficiency (Collings and Watton, 2000, p. 180). It is essential to note that leaders have the driving forces in most firms and they dictate the operations in most business enterprises. Additionally, different organizations have different management cultures, which play a role in influencing leadership in the firm. However, effective management practices and good leadership act crucially in the management of a firm.

Peer Assessment and Project Success and Failures

During the third week working at PIGG Plc, I presented an agenda item during a meeting. During this presentation, I highlighted a project in which I created a new database system for the management of information. During this presentation, I relied immensely on my previous presentation and acting skills. I prepared the presentation with an aim of ensuring the presentation of a detailed presentation. During the preparation for the presentation, I understood that effective planning was crucial and essential (Collings and Watton, 2000, p. 121). In addition, I also knew the importance of presenting all the facts and correct figures during the presentation in order to create a presentation of the actual events in the field. During the preparation for the presentation, I grew in confidence that I would make a good presentation.

During the presentation, I realized that the attendants of the meeting were waiting for me to speak. This affected my confidence as I began to feel nervous. At the beginning of the presentation, I felt my voice wobble because of the nervousness. However, my confidence grew as I proceeded with the presentation (Collings and Watton, 2000, p. 212). I presented using the PowerPoint platform, which ensured that I used the audio and visual forms of presentation.

I was disappointed because my presentation was not impressive especially to Mrs. Shaw. She gave me tips and areas of improvement, which included reducing the speed of presentation, articulation, and reduction of the content in the presentation. In addition, she pointed out that I should maintain my composure during the presentation. In addition, Mrs. Shaw said that I should present my data in a format that audiences comprehend. She also highlighted the need to practice in order to improve on my presentation strategies.

During the presentation, I realized that the audience had disorganized attitudes and personal perceptions. For instance, Mrs. Shaw interrupted my presentation by posting questions and answering most of the questions that I posted. In addition, she added notes throughout my presentation, which means that I did not prepare adequately for the presentation. The leader of the meeting also lacked confidence because he consulted extensively with other attendees showing that he was either ill prepared or lacked confidence.

After the first meeting, we completed an assignment and presented through email. Most of the student did not understand the usage of the email or its applications. Most of the students did not understand basic information communication skills and technologies for the class. The requirement for presentation through the email platform confused most of the students. Some of them found the exercise tasking, and they felt that the exercise was suited for computer science students. The next project involved meeting the client. Members within the group began sharing ideas for the meeting in order to ensure an articulation of the group’s ideas. This involved addressing questions that would emerge during the meeting. The meeting and sharing of ideas also played a crucial role in addressing problems that may arise during the meeting with the clients (Collings and Watton, 2000, p. 213).

Continuous Personal and professional development

I have always admired lawyers, and dreamt of pursuing law career at adulthood age. My interest focused on learning the different concepts of law and implementation of law to ensure that the welfare and protection of citizens offered first priority. I made sure that I researched on legal books to gain a comprehensive oversight of the legal profession. In similar occasions, I would also watch television shows that featured accomplished lawyers tackling controversial legal cases (Collings and Watton, 2000, p. 215). This was an inspiration in my life and career path, as I wanted to imitate the lawyers. Among the notable books that inspired me was Shane Peacock’s The Boy Sherlock Holmes novel. This book depicted the life of Holmes, who was a notorious drug user since he used cocaine to relieve stress whenever he faced complicated court cases. Holmes also used cocaine to stimulate his brain when he forgot significant facts about the cases he handled. The drug injected, in high concentrations, in the veins to effect immediate results. The main character displays an observant detective who searches for any relevant information that could be useful in judicial cases. Holmes regularly declares some absurd and unconfirmed deduction only to mock Watson by enlightening the clearest clues. However, Holmes’ personality is in form of a continuous dose of adoration from Watson. On the other hand, Watson’s nonstop adulation apparently meant to emulate understanding of the renowned investigator comes through convincingly at the end of the book, when Holmes reaches at Devonshire. Watson is a humble trainee and live-in friend, who try to solve a challenging case in his leader’s stead. Illustrated as always on hand to hit Holmes’ personality, Watson is, however, intent on showing his own courage by relating Holmes’ methods (Collings and Watton, p. 234, 2000).

However, the use of cocaine drug influenced Holmes in conducting drug related cases, as he later devised ways of extracting information from clients. He could discover ash residues of any drugs used by the suspects and clients. The main challenge that the protagonist faced was that England had legalized use of all drugs irrespective of the after effects that the addicts faced. This illustrated negative social evils in the societies since many people could access the dangerous drugs. From the use of cocaine drugs, Holmes was capable of exposing corrupt officials who smuggled drugs to unsuspecting individuals. This made him a famous lawyer in the US who could handle any case related to drug smuggling and abuse of illegal stuffs. I derived other inspirational ideas from renowned speakers and writers like John Stuart Mills. The speeches that Mills gave in his tours, seminars and books inspired me to attain my targets. Other television programs such as CSI were also valuable since they emphasized the value of suitable investigation in the modern community. Personally, I concur to the knowledge that the importance of proper and defensible system of trial disorganizes down in most nations (Collings and Watton, 2000, p. 242). Since analytical writing is an essential activity for lawyers, reading passages by Miller increased my analysis writing skills. The authors present their opinions and points in logical manners that assist readers to grasp vital points. The materials are easily accessible because of the technological developments that have taken place in the present world. The technological advancements have distorted the characteristic line between fiction and facts, which have significantly affected the integrity system in America. These technological advancements have also affected the judicial systems in dispensation of judgment and justice. I learnt from the novel that a person’s personality could influence his career by determining the outcomes in an organization. Therefore, Doyle campaigns for a return to the traditional principles of passing knowledge such as reading novels as forms of entertainment. I feel in concurrence with the author that these books are the basic sources of information that applies to all generations as opposed to the fresh forms of technology, which continues to derail the entire literary world. The technological sources of information apply much usage of jargons that is unappreciated by other professionals. The jargons also lack educational foundations and citations in case laws applications. This notion makes me believe that the coming generation need to concentrate on the usefulness of critical thinking qualities. A number of factors such as comprehensive reading, thinking and writing incorporated in the analysis are vital in the course. This implies that consideration of the above attributes will then bring forth a society with proper activists.

According to Miller, teachers should not praise first year students for arguments that lack suitable foundation. This is because these arguments have no value in the current civilization and legal justifications (Collings and Watton, 2000, p. 253). I strongly believe that my future endeavors are products of present activities and determination. This is because Miles believes that a person should analytically think of their present situations and ways of improving their existence through use of the various forms of communication. To me the most significant idea about management development involves borrowing of concepts from established personalities. This helps an individual to acquire skills and experiences applied in the past and use them to tackle present problems. The concepts retrieved from written materials prepared by the icons about their lives and professions are useful attributes. Experience gained through learning from other renowned personalities in the field of interest is also beneficial learning points. This has assisted me to improve on my research work and inquisitive search of evidences used in administering justice to the underprivileged in the society. Having experienced that, I now believe that I can be of important value to the society and individuals around me. This demonstrates the urge I have always had in my life since childhood times. I will now need to reflect on my personal life to ensure that other upcoming generations also imitate my interests.

Management development programs entail helping aspiring students and members of the society to achieve their targets in life and careers. Having analyzed the works of Doyle and Miller, I concurred that individuals should always recognize traditional forms of knowledge passage. The modern technological forms of information use exaggerated terminologies without proper basis of the sources. Equally, technology applied in administration of present justice needs to consider historical precedence that had been previously used. Videos and films are produced and directed for entertainment reasons, and sometimes do not depict the true happenings on the ground. I would like to state that reading of novels not only prepares a person to perceive life differently, but it also improves language proficiency of the individual. Lawyers need to consider mastery and command of English language, as it is a vital requirement used in international law courts and similar environments.



















Collings, J and Watton, P, 2000, JEWELS Project: Learning through Independent

Work Experience – Final Report.













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