Sustainable Design Manifesto

Sustainable Design Manifesto




  1. Importance of Sustainability

Quantitative Importance

Energy consumption is one of the major cause of Global Warming and Greenhouse effect. According to International Energy Agency (IEA) the goal of limiting the global warming to 2 degree Celsius is becoming a challenge and increasingly the rate as year passes. It is projected that by the year 2017 CO2 emissions would be locked-in by energy infrastructure, means the hotter it will be.

Qualitative Importance

Sustainable design envisions itself to lessen or absolutely removed any or all the negative impact that has or will arise on a certain product. The concept of the sustainable design is applicable to all areas of designing of a certain product. In this human are the key responsible for maintaining a sustainable environment – the Human Home.

The Designer’s Role

The designer is the one who is responsible to respond to design a house that will suit the environment and needs of the people who will occupy a certain building or residence. In history, designer’s main objective in designing is to protect the lives of the people against the enemies. These enemies are nowadays known as negative aspects that cause discomfort to human lives. They need to design using the three R guidelines – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Figure 1 – Exterior of House


The house is a modern contemporary design / box type house with 156 sq, m floor area, Three Bedrooms, with provision of suspended slab deck, 2 bathrooms. A fully air conditioned and has a full heating system inside. It is constructed in the Philippines by Drilon & Doctor Construction Company, Designed by Engr. Ralph Romar Doctor and Arch, Maricor Tan. Philippines is a tropical country – people who lives here prefer a high ventilated houses.

Sustainable Feature:

  1. The house uses natural lights; it is visible on their kitchen and bathroom, where the you can see the existence of using roof windows. Using Natural Light as a source of brightness will totally lessen your electric consumption.

  2. Exterior and interior paint uses bright colors in order to create a brighter interior, trough this electric consumption will be lessen.

  3. Roof and walls are all fully insulated with 900 mm wide overhangs that will provide natural cooling under hot sunny day.

  4. The house uses Standard Bamboo Floors instead of using textile products.

  5. The house also uses floor to ceiling glass windows that allows natural lights enlighten the whole structure during day time.



  1. Ventilation – It is better to use fan rather than the use of Air Conditioners as it less the energy consumption. It is best to use only air conditioners to rooms that really need to. It is also advised to use asphalt roofing that has at least 0.09mm wide in order to keep the ventilation to house exhaust during hot weather. The more windows is also advised in order to flow the natural air inside the house.

  2. Daylight – During daylight, the house uses natural lights by adding roof windows on Kitchen and bathroom these roof windows will totally less the energy consumption, there will be no need to switch on the light during daylight. On evening, it is advised to use LED lights for less energy consumption, the use of pin lights is also advised since it only requires low energy consumption. It must be point out that too much energy consumption leads to Global Warming and increasing the rate of Green House Effect.

  3. Water – It is advised to consume less hot water trough installing water efficient showerheads and tops in order to save energy and water, though this consumption of water will be less. It is also advice to use automated flush toilet rather than valve toilets since it is conserve more water as compare to the second. It is also advise to use the drained water from the kitchen to water the garden outside the house, through this waste water will be maximized and consumption of fresh water for the plant will be lessen. It is important to conserve fresh water. Fresh water nowadays is increasingly scarce resources because of water pollution and in urban area consumption of water continuously increasing but the supply of potable water are inversely increasing. Statistically recorded that buildings use 17 %`fresh water – as a result treatment cost for fresh water increases annually.

  4. Furniture and Interiors – It is advised to use renewable products on furniture, like bamboo. Below are some example of bamboo products that may be use:

Figure 2 and Figure 3 Furniture of the Green Village


It is said that Bamboos are locally grow in South-East Asian countries like Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and other ASEAN countries. Through this material a sustainable designing and production of furniture will be possible and will be a good source of pro-natural and environment products.

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