Effects of Marijuana


Marijuana use has been associated with effects on almost every organ of human body ranging from cardiovascular, immune, respiratory and endocrine system. There are claims that marijuana has health consequences on cognitive function of the body and foetal developmental consequences. There however been claims opposing these effects and blaming them on different causes. All in all, use of marijuana has more negative effects on its users and should not be legalized.


Pictures: Leaves of a marijuana plant and marijuana joints


Marijuana has become to be the most common illegal drug. Various attempts had been made in the twentieth century in a bid to curb the negative effects that have been encountered when persons take marijuana. Health concerns have led in the push in illegalizing the drug. However, various movements have emerge pushing for legalization of marijuana


Marijuana and ‘amotivational’ syndrome closely linked. In this, marijuana use has been associated with short attention span, decreased drive and ambition, tendency to fail making plans until the last day and easy distractibility. The individuals with the highest level of marijuana use have been found to be significantly on lower income levels than the others in spite of them being from similar families. This to some extent does reflect the effects of marijuana in that its abuse tends to instil less initiative and drive in its abusers. In large doses, marijuana has been linked with illusions and panicky states (Maisto, Galizio and Connors 279).

There are those who argue against this questioning the amotivational syndrome. Proponents of marijuana argue that chronic marijuana abuse leads to remarkable enthusiasm and energy in pursuit of their goals. They argue that ‘amotivational’ syndrome is nothing more than the acute effects of marijuana intoxication on the abusers. They characterise ‘amotivational’ syndrome more with personality style rather than drug-induced effect. Observations have been made that showing evidence that academic marks have significantly dropped after they initiated marijuana use. For the case of workers, their productivity has undergone a downward turn and this is evidenced by the clinicians while marijuana users self-report on the same (Goldberg 247).

In a conservative argument, it is advanced that heavy uptake of marijuana increases the likelihood of developing of the syndrome, and that the syndrome further reinforces the chronic use of marijuana. If adolescents use marijuana at a very early age may be a factor in ‘amotivational’ syndrome. Frequency of use, pre-existing psychosocial factors and duration of use may be exacerbated by use of marijuana (Goldberg 247).

The reason behind the controversy in marijuana usage has been as a result of beliefs that have been held by various people on the drug. When growing up kids are brought up with a mindset that discourages them from taking marijuana. As they reach teenage years, a stage characterised with experimentation, they mostly fall victim of advances demonstrating marijuana as ‘cool’. Teenagers are thus in a confused state on which way the best way to choose. Considering their youthfulness, they are susceptible. With contradicting remarks from different adults on the effects of marijuana, the teenager is left to make decision based on the influence that the adults and peers are able to impart. In a teenager

Stream of Consciousness

While young, we were being scared of the dangers that were brought out by our seniors. There were those claiming that marijuana was more dangerous than it was believed, as hundred of youths would die from it. However, not in a single moment did the source of this myth get in the public limelight. It was just an attempt to instil fear in children. As one ages, it becomes clear as an adult enjoy fundamental rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. As one ages, they become familiar that marijuana is even used in clinical operations. But still, there are some worries. Why have there been claims that marijuana is dangerous to an extent that it can kill through ensuing accidents, which may result out of its usage? Are these people victims of socialization or are they real? It is confusing how such a subject have remained in the public limelight without getting a conclusive answer up to this age when solutions to past problems have been getting solutions.

There are various allegations that have been against marijuana use. But the main question that begs for answer is; why have there been no compelling reason that marijuana would substantially contribute to accidents and fatalities. There seems to be an agreement that marijuana has an effect on perception and psychomotor performances at some doses. However, that enough does not qualify banning of marijuana. In driving studies, marijuana has been found to produce little or no impairment of car handling as compared to even low and moderate levels of alcoholism and numerous legal medications. Alcohol has been found to increase chances of risky driving practices. In the case of marijuana, cautiousness in the case of its subjects seems to be enhanced. However, there is a contradicting view on this claiming that marijuana plays a negative role in caution in some individuals resulting into bad driving. There seems to be contradicting views in every aspect that marijuana is being criticized. Effect of marijuana seems to have different reactions on different individual. For my case, it better to keep off it. I fear the effects it would have on me.

Drug avoidance is of great necessity to avoid falling victim to marijuana. As it has been established marijuana victims are likely to influence others into drinking. Furthermore if one finds he is susceptible to dangers as a result of marijuana effects of another, it would be advisable for them to avoid the drug victims. Addiction to marijuana has been found to be relatively softer in comparison to cigarette and cocaine abuse but there have been no precise way to break the addiction. Therapy and rehabilitation have in various instances have worked in various addicts.

Advice Column

Question: In case our friends, family and relatives are using marijuana in private, is that acceptable or should we stop seeing them?

Adviser: Taking up smoking marijuana is completely unacceptable if your friend, family member or relative is involved. It is a reason to worry. This is because it would imply that they might be driving while high with you as their passage without your knowledge. In doing so, your life is being put into danger as they are putting their own. There is no way he should be driving in any case he had smoking marijuana. You will not be able to recover the cost that you may incur in case of accident as smoking remains illegal. If it is possible, avoid those smoking marijuana in some scenario, as they are not cognizant of the consequences that their actions may lead to.

Question: which is the best method to break marijuana addiction? Is there any?

Adviser: Yes, there is a way to stop taking marijuana. The only hurdle that is there is that the method is a little bit complicated to many addicts. Complications can be attributed to underwhelming and remarkably under-researching done. This can also be as a result of less addiction that marijuana has in comparison to heroin, alcohol and cocaine. For many people, thus, marijuana is a wickedly complex master. Its relatively cheapness compared to other drugs and its lack of severe negative consequences that arise on frequent usage make it difficult to spot problems and changing behaviour.

The best way to do away with marijuana addiction has to deal with behavioural methods that have been found effective for other drugs. No single approach has been found out that will address marijuana addiction.

Question: How does marijuana works in a user’s body?

Adviser: After smoking marijuana, cannabis from the lungs enters into the blood and is distributed into all parts of the body. There are several chemicals available in marijuana drug whose act to bind receptors in brain sections that deal with memory, pleasure, concentration, awareness and concentration. As a result of these the marijuana user will be made to feel pleasant effects that will make them feel relaxed, sleepy and happy.

Hallucinations, paranoia and anxiety are also normal characteristics of marijuana use due to the effect of the chemicals associated with cannabis. These feelings do not last for a long time. However, subtle effects can last a few days as there some effects that stay in the body system for some weeks.


When marijuana turns to your lungs, there is no turning back

Then your mind is on danger, there must be something wrong

Then from there, you will not experience real life again

Abstinence is the stand, to keep you and marijuana apart

Never dare marijuana, as it will destroy your life.

To stay drug free, a proven door to happiness.

Life is more than involvement in marijuana,

Strive to live your life without strife

Better to live free, than to live in agony,

Marijuana, marijuana

It is so sad, many have been made mad

Trying to gain happiness, has always remained elusive

Before aiming for that happiness, always think twice

Was I the master, marijuana would be past

Teeth have rotten, all due to smoking pot

As kids see Marijuana cool, even bringing it to school

Not aware of the consequences, thinking it will just pass by,

But as pot gets to the head, it opens ways to be dead

It is true, it can kill

If not that, can restrain your thought

One thing for sure, it can grant you nothing

But there is a possibility, you can be unable to function

Just because of it, you live a crazy life

As at no time, you will decide to stop

As after taking it, there is little chance, to live a good life

Decision is yours, it is still your life.

Life is not a joke, to just stand a smoke pot

Life should have a purpose, rather than getting high and wasting time

Drugs may be appeasing, but not all glitters is gold

If to get high was to be a goal, it better to not to achieve

Joke with pot, life will be short

To might try to smoke, you be hooked in your life

To be hook may not be enough, like the life you have spoilt

You will waste your money, as marijuana will not refund

You will risk prison, as you know it is illegal

We may waste our time, but the message is clear

There are so many reasons, but those are enough

If your ears are functioning, the decision is yours

If I was to answer, it better to live off marijuana

To live a longer life, pot has to come to the end.

It is so unfortunate that many youths are victims of peer influence. Depressions that many encounter when in school force students to revert into methods that in a way will retrieve their distresses. This gets more complex when youths are facing hardships while growing up. Youths in low-income neighbourhoods have further been found to be in more danger of indulging in marijuana abuse.


It is so disheartening how the number of marijuana smokers has skyrocketed in the recent years,” Peter said, “those who have been after legalizing of marijuana has slightly been off the mark. It is not an interesting discussion as it has been going on in the press. Bill, how doo you regard the situation?”

As for me, I am never interested with whatever goes on concerning drugs”, Bill answered, “Since I stopped taking the drug, there is no way back. Marijuana wasted so much of my time when I was young. You are lucky you were not raised in similar conditions that I experienced, as there are chances you would understand what it means to be involved in drug activities.”

Peer, surprised, says, “You mean you have had experiences with marijuana?”

There was little or no chance for me to avoid in my youth considering my neighbourhood,” answered Bill.

How was the experience?” asked Peter.

Marijuana seemed a compelling gateway to be in line with the hardships that we used to face when we were young. As a result of the poverty, we found marijuana as an escape route. There was no way we could avoid it, as it was accessible. As teens, we found smoking marijuana as the best strategy to function properly in day-to-day activities. We could even take marijuana in the morning. At first, the desire was fuelled by peer pressure but with time addiction crept in and one could not live without it,” Bill explained to Peter who by now he seemed to have been surprised by Bill’s past.

How did marijuana have effects on you?” peter asked.

As long as I know, I cannot blame any marijuana addict for addiction challenges they are going through,” Bill asserted, “when one starts taking marijuana, there is a kind of stress relieve that one experiences. One finds it as a perfect solution to cope up with challenges one encounters in school and problems that might arise at home. There is a feeling of calmness and relaxation which normally go with marijuana smoking.”

Is there other ways in which you felt the effects of marijuana?” peter interrupted.

Bill responded, “When one is a teen, one is normally swayed by the euphoria advocating for marijuana use among teenagers in our past backgrounds. As I was faced with various depressions, I found marijuana as the better prescription to my woes than medication. In school, I was weak in task-oriented subjects as I found myself to lack concentration without taking marijuana. We believed marijuana would assist us in functioning at our best. Worries that normally resulted from the living conditions that we were going through would turn our minds busy. We found a resting premise in marijuana, as we believed it is even better than taking pills. Peter, didn’t you go through such even at a later age?” Bill asked.

Peter responds, “My background seems to have been different. I cannot assume the upbringing that I went through. There is a possibility it had an effect on me not having taken marijuana in my life”.

Bill proceeds, “you are lucky, in our case, we found marijuana as the way to get in touch with our feelings. We viewed marijuana as a way to be more open and intimate in our discussions with friends. Marijuana was even seen as a cool thing for area youths to avoid. But with the enlightenment that we have experienced, I would not encourage anyone to involve themselves with marijuana. The government should proceed to make marijuana more punitive and enhance fight against marijuana abuse”.

Newspaper Article

There has been a campaign that has been going on in an attempt to make marijuana appear harmless even after it has been exclusively established that student who use the drug have demonstrated consistently poor performances in school and a high probability to drop out and earn less when they become adults.

Marijuana, with cannabis as its botanical name, has been used by humans for thousands of years, though it has been illegal in many countries since twentieth century. Lately, there have been growing numbers of movements calling for the drug’s legalization. Some of the movements call for its usage for medical purposes.

Marijuana is the drug that has been found to have the most significant negative effect on academic performance even exceeding other drugs. It raises questions how there are bodies that are pushing for legalization of marijuana use in various regions. Effects of marijuana have become most prevalent among teenagers, with a big proportion of teenagers admitting to have smoked marijuana in their teenage years. This trend has been increasing, as it seems teenagers are moving slowly from alcohol and cigarette abuse, which are undergoing slow declines.

The increasing popularity of marijuana can be attributed to growing perception among teenagers that there is little or no harm carried by habitual marijuana. This perception has links to medical marijuana and the ease in obtaining it.

Legalizing the drug would mean that all the gains that have previously been made were all in vain. Science, as well as research has since time immemorial has come up with negative effects of marijuana abuse. Retracing these and disregarding science for the sake of smokers’ selfish demands would greatly undermined public good that the country aims too much to achieve. Progresses have previously been made when science have been used in implementing policies. It will be highly unlikely that political agendas driving the discussion of legalizing marijuana will come with a solid case for marijuana.


Effects of marijuana have been over the time been subject of controversy. However, it is agreeable that the drug has negative effects on people when abused. Even for those who are for marijuana use, they acknowledge the fact that there are those people whom experience adverse effects of marijuana.

Works Cited

Goldberg, Ray. Drugs Across The Spectrum. Belmont, Ca: Cengage Learning, 2010.

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