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Communications and media:






Question 1: Why is Facebook losing millions of users?

            The dominance of facebook is coming down in the social media due to threats caused on other emerging new services such as Path and Instagram. Facebook is losing millions of its     users monthly and its biggest market is weakening. Other social networks are attracting the interests of people who are looking for new online playgrounds (Christopher, 2011). Facebook that is the giant social media has reached its saturation point and beginning to lose people. Most people in UK and America who intend to sign up have already signed up. People are trying to look for something new because there is boredom in facebook. Many people are leaving facebbok in order to look for other alternative social services like Path and Instagram. About six million American users      have abandoned facebook during last year while about 1.4 million users in UK have left the site.  Active users are declining to use facebook in Japan, Germany, France, Spain and Canada.  However, in certain regions, facebook is getting more people such as in India and Brazil.


Question 2: The difficulties of creating Apps for short term

            The mobile app is developed for short term period and is made of a particular purpose such as for selling something, an event, an election, conference registration and others. These are   perishable single use apps that have one chance to have it right; thus not improving its performance can ruin a business. This can cause users to lose trust for the business brand.    According to Christopher (2011), revenue can be lost whenever an app event registration is not in a position to handle more registrations. Short term and single use app has only one chance for delivering business value.  The shelf life of single use and short term apps implies that traditional remediation and   monitoring will not able to work. This means that the app will face its expiry prior to be fixed.


Question 3: Should government agencies censor Wikipedia?

            It is not appropriate for government agencies to censer Wikipedia because Wikipedia is     playing a crucial role of dissemination information to the world, a role which other institutions are not performing. There many cases were articles published by Wikipedia are not controversial, and Wikipedia is doing much better than other media houses and colleges for informing the public. Censoring Wikipedia does not solve the problem. There are certain problems regarding the manner in which Wikipedia handles certain subjects which require much improvement. In case Wikipedia solve such problems, it can become a bigger resolution rather than censoring Wikipedia (Christopher, 2011). Wikipedia should establish rules which forbid special interests from bringing interference.   


Question 3: Should individuals publish anything they want on an Internet?

             Some people think that writing online anonymously give them the freedom to say whatever they want in the internet. People who disseminate false information in the internet are hurting the public and the rule of law should prosecute them (Christopher, 2011). Effective rules should be enacted to eliminate cases of defamation in which people make comments that hurt reputation of others.   People are encouraged to write in the internet but they should maintain integrity, respect     human rights and comply with approved regulations. Damaging other people’s professional and personal reputation is criminal offence, thus not legally allowed.




Question 4: how will new mobile phones, technology such as Google Glass influence social networks like Facebook and Twitter?

            New mobile phone and technology such as Google Glass influence social network like   twitter and facebook. Such new devices appear futuristic oddity, but when they gain popularity they could develop a significant impact on social network like facebbok and twitter. Google glass is becoming a buzz  because  it  is wearable having eyeglasses and can activated in a computer that enable users to send massages, take pictures, translate language, ask questions, and seek directions. Christopher (2011) views that the popularity of the Google Glass is increasing that may lead to the declining significance of LinkedIn, twitter, and facebook. Google Glass is becoming a dominant site in the social network. Google Glass can take pictures that can be shared to any person connected to Google. Google Glass can be used for video chat. Google Glass provides affordable portability and accessibility; and thus email, phone and video and other social media service are more convenient in Google Glass thus it is gaining more market than other social media sites such as facebbok and twitter.





Christopher, H. (2011). A history of communications: Media and society from the Evolution of Speech to the internet. Journalism and mass communication quarterly, 88(3), 23-47. 

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