Proposal for a fundraiser




















Proposal for a fundraiser


On 30th May 2014, the Talents Finance Trust will be having a fundraising project. This is a proposal for raising funds for our organization that has the mandate of nurturing talents in our young children. The organization is holding her first fundraising ceremony this year. The idea behind fund raising came after the organization was challenged by the increasing number of children with distinguished talents who need the help of the organization. After approaching various individuals and organizations they proposed of having a fund raising ceremony. The amount of money estimated is $100,000 (Sargeant & Shang, 2010).


The proposal for the fundraiser is to help to contribute money that is intended to build the talent show hall. The hall will enable more kid to be able to come and participate in the talent nurturing program promoted by the organization. The most crucial reason behind our proposal is the increasing number of children who are living poor lives, though they have distinguished talents which only needed to be established, nurtured and developed. The fundraiser will make the mission of the organization “Talents for a bright future” be realized. The guidelines for the fundraising are documented and we have alleged to comply with them thorough a development committee that has been established (Sargeant & Shang, 2010).

Concept and Approach.

The fundraising is proposed to be conducted on the municipal council football ground on 30th May 2014. The ground is a neighborhood to the construction site that the talent show hall will be constructed. The events that will take place will involve the fifteen registered children who are beneficiaries of the program. They will participate in a football tournament with a neighboring under twelve football teams, have gymnastic demonstrations and singing competitions. The team has contributed $500 each for the fifteen registered children. The money will cater to the necessities that they require to have the field ready and buy small gifts to be sold all around the field (Sargeant & Shang, 2010).

The proposed fundraisers who are professionals in the field of art works and sports, families of the children, interested businessmen and college students who are great fans of football. They will participate by having to contest for the gifts bought by the kids and also actively contributing money by payment of gate pass fee. This will enable enough money to be collected for the construction of the talent show hall (Sargeant & Shang, 2010).


The proposed fund raiser will enable the organization to get money for the construction. Moreover, there will be added advantage of getting the organization a wider visibility in the society. More people in the society will get to know more about the undertakings of the organization which will make it earn more sponsorships and affiliated stakeholders (Sargeant & Shang, 2010).

The amount of money that has been budgeted for the event is feasible. The registered children are contributing each $500 which are catering for the making of the ground and buying some small gifts. Moreover, there has been some society members who have given free services in the attending of various obligations for the day. There are some well-wishers who have promised to aid with foodstuffs and water for the distinguished guest in the occasion. The municipal council has promised to give the ground toll for three days prior to the event. There is a challenge in the provision of chairs for the participants, we are requesting for donators to cut on the lending cost for the chairs (Sargeant & Shang, 2010).


There a number of things that have to go hand in hand if the proposal is approved. This is the proposed schedule for the various tasks and events.



Amount of time allocated in hours.


25th  March 2014

Invitations for the guests. And sponsorship solicitation.


Their respective places

26th March 2014

Marketing, selling and publicity.


Use of posters in public social places

27th March 2014

Giving of progressive reports to the committee


In the main office for organization.

28th  March 2014

Preparation of the ground.


In the municipal ground.

29th March 2014

Preparation of the teams and rehearsing for the day.


In the municipal ground.

30th March 2014

The fundraiser day.


In the municipal ground.

31st March 2014

Meeting of the committee to discuss the way-forward.


In the main office for organization.



I have been a fundraiser in many other ceremonies such as bring jack home a fundraising for a cancer survivor, the loyal green group and women artist world day.  This fundraising has been successful due to my elaborate qualifications. I have a degree in events, organizing and post graduates in human resource and finance management (Sargeant & Shang, 2010).


The fundraising is a venue that has been used by many non-profit organizations to meet their organizational goals. The case of Talents Finance Trust is no different. If the fundraiser proposal is approved, they will be able to get capital to construct their talent show hall, get a wider visibility and sponsorship and consequently help more children in nurturing their talents.




Sargeant, A. & Shang, J. (2010). Fundraising principles and practice. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.
















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