Art History


Brian Young                                                      

History of Western Art

23 April 2014


During the middle ages, there was a predominantly committed to the project dissemination and propaganda of Christianity European. The arts were the main method of communication; only the Catholic church was able to pay for the work of artists. There has been a crisis in some countries that deterred the development process. In other countries, the political base has been stable, which has made the use and application of different simple styles in art works.


Arts from different cultures is different. Each culture has developed its culture in a different way. The history of art places symbolism after almost without post-impression. Symbolism is different from the styles ((Liu, 2014, pp. 321-323). Greeks evolution is put many emphases on harmony and proportion (Kleiner, 2013). For example, various price of arts “her dignified manner”, Their nomadic mode of existence” involves different styles. These different works and culture make the artistic work interesting. The history concentrated on the western to the European context for than three millennia. The study limits the art works to studying other cultures to diversify the art works. This is a challenge because art is not limited to the by the search for an ideal and universal nature. The history of the artworks is interesting its study provides a comprehensive knowledge of different cultures and different periods


The style has helped to study the social art of the people who lived in the early 70’s and late 80’s. Studying the different methods is very interesting and appealing to the individuals. It requires identifying the various religions and cultures to succeed in studying the different styles. The evolution of humankind is the main strength of developing the art works. The styles have been advancing as the human social life develops.










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