Project Introduction Statement.










Project Introduction Statement.

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This is a research on the family roots of Shamieka Donigan family. The importance and impetus for undertaking this project in genealogy are that it will help Shamieka discover who he is as a person and create a deeper understanding about his purpose in life. Information on family history is vital as it will help Shamieka validate family stories, historical events and famous people in his lineage thus enable him to preserve his family’s legacy, culture and traditions.

Shamieka envisions creating a family tree for this project which will serve as a reference for other genealogists in his family. The family tree will help Shamieka to combine the personal experiences of his ancestors and allow him to focus on particular life episode of a single ancestor. The scope of Shamieka’s family history project is that he intends to write about everyone included in his family tree. Shamieka intends to begin with his earliest known ancestor for Shamieka’s family surname and follow him/her to Shamieka himself through a single line of descent. Shamieka will include the obstacles and problems faced by each ancestor in his family tree, for example, war or slavery survivor or an immigrant. Shamieka intends to make this project interesting to readers by researching timelines of natural disasters, wars, art, fashion, transport, common foods and epidemics that could have influenced his ancestors’ way of life.

Primary sources for this research will include interviews by relatives, family resources, such as Bibles, diaries or letters, previously researched family projects and trees, and online searches like, and All these are important to Shamieka in discovering his family’s past, building his family trees and sharing his discoveries with other family members’ worldwide. Therefore by compiling his family history, it will be a precious legacy for future generations.

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