Little People

Speech presentation


All the protocol observed, ladies and gentlemen, good morning, we all gathered here for a mission and a vision. Who are the little people everybody keeps talking about? Listen to these dear classmates “The little people is less offensive than dwarf or midget, and those words should be banned. Justice in this case is a concern, for justice, peace, and genuine respect for people” Dwarfs, midgets, smurfs and many other disrespectful names are used for the little people of our society. I am not speaking about short people like pannunz, I am talking about the Tryon Lannisters and Mini me’s of the world. Hello, Miss Roirden and my fellow classmates, it comes to my attention that many individuals do not know how to refer to the little people and they end up “be-little-ing” them to the new ‘low’. Little people is the plural term for the bellow height citizens and the little person for one singular being Is proper and less offensive than the words ‘ dwarfs’ or midgets to denote them by.
Listen to the call and the voice of the little people who are outraged and are calling for justice, they are tired of being referred to with very bad, humiliating terms. Look at the media, listen to it carefully, when referring to this group of people, how do they call them, how do they feel about them? What is the government doing about it, nothing, it does not give justice to the little people. The society looks at them as less important people, even the jobs they give them. Despite the height, they are human too, they have the talents to explore, come on, fellow citizens, where do we find justice? The ‘Dwarfs’ want to ban word midget from being broadcasted on TV and other media sources, like the internet, social media, newspapers, among others. It is the cry of the little people that the media keeps referring to them as dwarfs, making them feel less important than who they are, they also want to be appreciated, they want to look important.
However, justice does not recognize them at all; it cannot hear their cry. Where is justice, then, they justice is there for every citizen, but is this justice my fellow colleagues? Where is justice? I wonder what justice is then, if it cannot open its ears and listen to the cry of the minority, the little people. They refer to them as pigmies, dwarfs, even some people go to the extend of calling them that the developing people, meaning they have not yet finished developing into human beings. How sad is this, I too feel it, my people, how do you feel if you were in their shoes? The cry of the little people still haunts justice, what can be done to change these offensive words from the media, and the society? They call the terms euphemism, the words that sound more polite and respectful, are there no other good and appreciative words that can be used instead of little, dwarfs, smurfs and the likes. Come on my fellow classmates, listen, and listen carefully to the cry of the innocent “short or little people” they are equally important and they would wish to be referred to in a more respectful manner with good terms.

Peffley, Mark. (2010). Justice in America. Cambridge University Press.

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