Airlines Customer Operations department





Airlines Customer Operations department









Airlines Customer Operations department.

  1. Increase usage of our email for all program

            It is a fact that Information Communication Technology (ICT) has transformed how companies in the aviation industry conduct their operations. ICT has also revolutionized the manner in which airlines and other organizations channel their internal communication. As the new customer service manager, would encourage the employees of the airline to use emails when making official communication. This would also enable the airline to keep a database of vital information about its employees and operations in the airline’s customer operations department. I would also encourage the top management from the CEO to the junior employees to use emails in communications when making official communication. Emails can be used to send a wide range of messages that include basic information such as the price of different products and services at the airline’s cafeteria, latest updates to the occupational health and safety regulations, or briefing the airline’s employees about the new security procedures implemented within the premises (Sales & Baggott, 2013).

  1. Develop an electronic board communications blitz advertising both performance metrics and employee engagement

As earlier mentioned, ICT has revolutionized communication within and outside the organization. For any organization to realize its goals, it must ensure that there is effective communication between its employees and the management. On most occasions, the management sets performance targets for the employees. However, most organizations do not consider how the management can send their feedback to the employees about their current performance. This feedback is usually communicated through yearly reports. I would propose to have an electronic screen that is linked to the employee database, which displays how each employee or working teams are performing in their duties. The board will display real-time data related to the current activities and operations of the airline’s customer operations department. I believe the communication board will help under-performing employees or teams to improve their performance, and it will also ensure that all employees meet their targets. This will significantly improve the performance of the airline.

  1. Motivate a large workforce to comply with basic Safety policy

No standard procedure has been advanced on how to make employees comply with occupational health and safety. However, most scholars argue that the single most motivator in employees to comply with safety policies is whether they own the process. This can be attained through the provision of the relevant information, education, training, authority, and resources for the employees to effectively own the process. It is also essential to focus the training of employees on principles. I would also recommend that a section be set aside in the company newsletter to talk about a specific topic in occupational health and safety. Employees should also be encouraged to conduct their own safety inspections in their working environment because they are more familiar with their working space (Bluff, Gunningham & Johnstone, 2004).



Bluff, E., Gunningham, N., & Johnstone, R. (2004). OHS regulation for a changing world of work. Annandale, N.S.W: Federation Press.

Sales, A., & Baggott, C. (2013). Email marketing by the numbers: How to use the world’s greatest marketing tool to take any organization to the next level. Hoboken, N.J: Wiley.


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