Re: Application for Master’s Degree in Project Management

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Re: Application for Master’s Degree in Project Management
Dear Sir or Madam,
It is my sincere wish to apply for a Masters Degree program in Project Management in your university. The course will help me significantly in specializing in my area of concentration in the management filed. It will also enable me to develop my knowledge in an endeavor that I am currently undertaking in the building of a warehouse and systems for the bank that I currently work. Besides, my academic qualifications and career are in line with the chosen Master’s Program.
I am positive that I possess the key strengths and personal attributes related to my chosen program. I deem myself as an excellent team player, good in providing well-informed ideas, endowing members with feedback, motivating other team players, honest and open to confirmatory criticism.
I presently hold a degree in Information Systems and have proved to be academically excellent in all my undertakings. My testimonials show a consistent track of excellence in various academic levels. I also have a 3-year experience within the field, and in the customer service department and this makes me well prepared to undertake the course in project management to enhance my skills and be a valuable addition to your institution.
Currently working as a Bank Manager in the Administration Department as a Records Management Manager, I have gained insightful knowledge in the management department. Besides, owing to my mandated task to head the construction of the warehouse and systems installation, the program will propel my career significantly.
I have critically done enough research before embark on the selection of the program, and ascertained that it will improve my existing studies, and boost my career in the completion of diverse tasks. I am conversant with the undisputed reputation of your university and look forward to your positive response.


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