Interviewing Piece – Marketing Person Highlighting Credentials

Interviewing Piece – Marketing Person Highlighting Credentials






My name is Yao Li from South West China. I am aged 24 and have a personality of strong work ethic. It is within my discrete abilities to communicate and cope well in an intercultural matrix. When I was 12 years old, I learned to speak English and since then I have strong communication proficiencies in English language. The competence in the language is despite the backdrop that I came to the United States in 2013 which also serves as the first year in the US. I am bilingual in that sense and this provides me with a salient enabling environment for executing my duties and creating healthy communication relations with not only my employer and other employees but also with the people I interact with. I recognize that the United States is a largely multicultural society and that cultural competence is a key requirement here. In that end, I am equipped with good intercultural communication and skills thereof. The ability to get along well with people from different socio-cultural and even economic background is an incentive that I have in adequacy. This is because of the fact that I can speak English with fluency and that I am flexible enough to accommodate multiplicity and dynamics of cultural diversity.

Professionally, I am a trained and qualified science journalist with sharp inclinations to commitment, time keeping and meeting deadlines. In that professional dimension, I am aware that science journalism requires deeper level of cultural awareness as well as cultural competence (Stocklmayer, Gore & Bryant, 2001). This is because the profession entails reporting maters of science to the public and therefore needs good understanding of the culture within which the information is being reported in order for it (information) to make maximum impact and understanding. The nature of the profession requires handling rather esoteric or difficult scientific concepts to scientific professional as well as the general public. Thus, it demands handling and articulation of concepts so that information is passed easily and unequivocally to the people who may not have prior knowledge or understanding of scientific concepts. These are abilities that I possess in abundance especially in explaining complex terms and process of scientific nature to the people.

I have grounded background in both science and writing on one hand and communication on the other for marketing purposes. I possess good knowledge in analysis as I have good analytical skills. These are compounded by strong communication and organizational expertise. The background in scientific and technical writing elevates me to the apex of strong abilities to understand how to write for a variety of media. In addition, of the stationary work, my marketing abilities are well supported by the pertinent skills and experience in the field. I recognize that marketing is dynamic and it is the extra advantage and commitment that produces overall effectiveness. In this regard, I attach special importance to effectiveness and this call for employing (marketing) strategies that enable or facilitate achievement of the overall benefits. I have the ability to work in tight schedules and meet deadlines with reasonable time frame.

It is my work philosophy that capacity building and enhancement should override the material gain. That is, personal gain in terms of materiality should not preclude or even compromise quality, professional code of conduct and effectiveness of work. I believe that the enthusiasm, determination, inter-personal skills and excellent oral/written skills that I possess are pivotal in my ability to perform and deliver high level of performance in this position.


Stocklmayer, S., Gore, M. M., & Bryant, C. (2001). Science communication in theory and practice. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers.


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