Clapton Commercial Construction Employment Law Compliance Plan

Clapton Commercial Construction Employment Law Compliance Plan

Date of Submission:

Clapton Commercial Construction
State Of Arizona
Employment Law Compliance Plan
1. To uphold the commitment to honesty and responsible conduct for all construction employees and decrease unlawful and unethical behavior at work.
2. To allow employees to report potential problems to allow for appropriate inquiry and prompt corrective action.
Purpose of the compliance program
To provide a uniform platform for all Clapton commercial construction activities for all workers through equal treatment during work and at pay.
Law Compliance Program Elements
1. The doctrine of employment At-will
Employment is contractual in nature and is discharge at the consent of the employer or employee unless otherwise varied through a written contract (Loose, 2005, p. 237).
Any wrongful termination attracts an employee or employer’sclaim, whichmust be brought within one year after cause of action.
2. Law on Wage and hours
a) Minimum wage
All employers must pay a minimum wage of $7.90 to their workers. Clapton commercial construction must comply otherwise the federal punishment applies. The company should pay at least twice per month (Loose, 2005, p. 256).
b) Overtime
The company must comply with a federal pay rate of one-half the regular for all hours worked overtime. Remarkably, Arizona State has no stipulated overtime laws relating to private firms (Loose, 2005, p. 259).
c) Meals and breaks
It is the discretion of the Human Resource manager to decide whether to give the construction workers meals and breaks but in accordance with federal laws. The state of Arizona lacks laws requiring an employer to provide meal and breaks for employees. The meal and breaks should not be less than 20 minutes (Loose, 2005, p. 261).
3. Discrimination In Employment
Every member of the staff is under protection any form of discrimination of regardless of their race, color, national origin, gender, and religion with reference to any term, set conditions or privilege stipulated in employment. This law applies for employers with 15 or more workers (Loose, 2005, p. 242).
Enforcement of the laws and noncompliance consequences
It is the duty of the Arizona federal state enforcement agencies to ensure that Clapton commercial construction applies them when hiring workers following the intention to expand workers with 20%, when construction begins and during the renewal of contracts for its workers. Fair Labor Standards Act, National Labor Relations Act, and Title VII policies are mandated to enforce the employment laws (Loose, 2005, p. 275).
In the event of violation of the elements cited above, Clapton commercial constructions risks intangible and tangible punishments. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission suggests at least six-figure fine because it has more than 15 workers. Willful child labor and unfair employment practices attract at least a cap of $300000 and a possible jail time (Loose, 2005, p. 288).

Loose, D. A. (2005).Arizona laws 101. Tucson, Ariz.: Fenestra Books.


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