Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness


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Emergency Preparedness

The source of conflict is emanating from misunderstanding of the role each party should play in emergency preparedness (Powell et al, 2012). First, Mr. Ortega is not willing to move out of this region which might be hit by Hurricane Irene in the next few hours. The nurse is concerned about the health and wellbeing of Mr. Ortega since the governor has stated that if any individual stayed behind in the region, s/he would not be receiving services. This patient is in need of 24 hour care and his family members too are not willing to convince him to be evacuated from this risky area. The conflict arises because the National Guard has said that they will not waste their time with just one person.

On one hand, the nurse feels that the choice of evacuating Mr. Ortega should not be left solely to his family. On the other hand, the National Guard sees no need of wasting their time with this person and has said that the family can decide how they can do with this person. Furthermore, the family feels that the state is imposing values on them and has also refused to convince Mr. Ortega to move out. In this respect, the source of conflict is misunderstanding of the role each party is required to perform in emergency preparedness. The family should be willing to work together with the National Guard and the nurses to evacuate all people including the patients. The nurse therefore feel that they should coordinate and work together in order to ensure the patient agree to move out in order for the patient to be able to get the necessary patient care which he requires.

As Director of Public Health Preparedness, I would resolve this issue by ensuring that all parties have understood and performed their role effectively (Powell et al, 2012). I would start by ensuring that the National Guard does not leave this area without Mr. Ortega. This is mainly because if they move out without him, his health is likely to be adversely affected since he will not able to receive health services after the team has moved from the area. I would also work with the family to convince them see the need of ensuring that Mr. Ortega has moved out of the area. I would make them understand that the aim of evacuating people in the area is not to break their family relationships.

Furthermore, I would make the family realize the impacts that could be caused by the Hurricane Irene. The family feels that their values and rights are being violated and they should be left alone to do what they want and also to protect their properties. What the family does not understand is that the Irene can cause them to lose their lives as well as properties. I would therefore make them realize that the evacuation program was intended to protect their lives and properties. I would further make Mr. Ortega realize that the evacuation mission will positively impact his life and he will be able to get the health service he requires after the evacuation.

Therefore, I would ensure that Mr. Ortega and his family members have understood the need of evacuating from this area that has been predicted to be hardly hit by Irene. I would ensure that the National Guard has not moved out without Mr. Ortega even if the family is not interested in convincing him to move out of the area. I would further ensure that all parties are supportive in encouraging Mr. Ortega and his family members to agree to be evacuated from this region in order to ensure they are free from any harm which might be caused by the Irene.


Powell, T., Hanfling, D., & Gostin, L. O. (2012). Emergency preparedness and public health: the lessons of Hurricane Sandy. JAMA, 308(24), 2569-2570.


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