Women In society


I will make it in Canada





Being a white young woman in Canada has offered me many advantages. Some of them I am sure will contribute to a great extent to my success in Canada. In this short essay I write on these advantages in addition on how my bilingual and artistic interests have been advantageous and will be an advantage to me in the future.

As a white French immigrant young woman in Canada, I agree that I have some privileges which some of my African-American friends cannot claim to have. One such advantage is being as a white young woman, I have the privilege of renting a house in an area which I would want to live and where I can afford without the fear that people of my race will be mistreated when they come to visit (Department of Justice, 2012). In addition being a bilingual young mid-twenties graduate offers an advantage for me. My French language speaking skills offer me an advantage in the job market. There are more job opportunities for young people in Canada who can speak, read and write the two official languages in this country.

Being White though has its disadvantages one of them is that we have more distance from our cultural roots and thus cannot have a festival and if we have one, every person attends. I do admire the festivals that Asians have in Canada which are filled with cultural richness. Being an artistic person takes care of this disadvantage as I am able to connect to my own French culture. Through art I gain an understanding of the general culture in Canada this helps in breaking social boundaries for me especially in our country where most of my friends are culturally diverse. My interests in arts also enable me to attend and volunteer in sporting and cultural events which opens my mind and helps me learn more about others. I have an advantage of spending time with indigenous Canadian people such as Aboriginal women building an igloo and the experiences I had with their culture am sure came as a result of my artistic interests

Being a young white woman in Canada also means that I am able to make a translation to adulthood at an earlier age this has helped to more independent as I left home at an early age. As a woman I am no longer relegated to a narrow set of education and career opportunities which gives me an advantage of being more successful in the future.

In conclusion, being a white young woman in the Canadian society has been advantageous to me. There are no reservations on the sort of career or education opportunities I can have as a woman. My artistic interests have also helped in becoming a more social person and understanding other people’s culture. My bilingual abilities offer me a better chance in the job market. With these advantages I am sure am going to make it in this country.









Department of justice (2012). Cultural diversity in Canada: the social construction of social difference. Retrieved 26 September 2014 from,http://canada.justice.gc.ca/eng/rp-pr/csj-sjc/jsp-sjp/rp02_8-dr02_8/p6.html


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