Women In society


Women in society






Women are important in today’s society. The role of women in the society have greatly been overseen in the last decades but it I coming to a more positive perspective however, to successfully perform these roles one needs to consider the social location of the woman in the society and the advantages and disadvantages associated with this. Being a young white female adult in the Canadian society comes with several advantages and disadvantages.

As a white person, I agree that I have some privileges which some of my African-American friends cannot claim to have. One such advantage is being a white, I have the privilege of renting a house in an area which I would want to live and where I can afford without the fear that people of my race will be mistreated when they come to visit (Department of Justice, 2012). I have seen some of my colored friends who live in some neighborhoods being stared at as if they do not belong there. I can also criticize the government without the fear that I will be seen as a racist or a cultural outsider.

Being White though has its disadvantages one of them is that we have more distance from our cultural roots and thus cannot have a festival and if we have one every person attends. I do admire the festivals that Asians have which are filled with cultural richness. As a white person, I can barely get help from the government when I am in need of help as the government is too busy helping the minority (Department of Justice, 2012). Asking for help being a white person is laughable and so I have to work hard and solve my problems

As a woman, I have some advantages and disadvantages in a Canadian society. One of these advantages is that I will probably live longer than a man. This is because women tend to avoid many self-inflicted deaths that men subject themselves into such as; drug abuse, drinking, obesity, violence and suicide. In our western countries, women outlive men by an average of five years. Another advantage is that most people in the society will not see my overall worthiness being tied up on how high in the hierarchy ladder I rise. Even if I might not achieve much in terms of professional achievements, the society will always see me a an important asset due to my ability to bear children in comparison to a man who is termed as a failure if he has no social utility. Family laws in our country also favor my social position as a woman.

In case I marry a man with assets, it is possible that I can divorce him and get 50% of his assets along with rights to child support and alimony (Department of Justice, 2012). In addition, if I end up as a single mother, there are many generous welfare programs that can help me raise my children. However, there are also disadvantages of being a woman in the Canadian society. As a woman, looking presentable require far much effort than for a man. I have to get my air just right and look good (Department of Justice, 2012). If I am not presentable, people will judge me as untidy unlike men who can get away with looking unpresentable as they have other compensating factors. Another disadvantage is the high likelihood of a woman suffering sexual assaults compared to a man. According to statistics, 91% of rapes are targeted towards female which has greatly affected our role in the society (Department of Justice, 2012).

In conclusion, a woman is important to society but her life is more complicated than a man as she has her personal life to take care of in addition to that of her family is she is married. Fortunately, more women have made progress in their roles because of the advantages that social locations have to offer to women.


Department of justice (2012). Cultural diversity in Canada: the social construction of social difference. Retrieved 26 September 2014 from,http://canada.justice.gc.ca/eng/rp-pr/csj-sjc/jsp-sjp/rp02_8-dr02_8/p6.html


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