As a person who has been luck to enjoy diverse educational experience, I have strong impulse to scrutinize education process in different circumstances. I have spent time schooling in both my home country as well as in America and I believe this experience has provided me with a good opportunity to consider how this experiences could hinder or enhance my attitudes toward achieving my personal aspirations. Currently, I am 21 years old and my home country is Saudi Arabia though I am now studying in America. I have the passion for medicine and I want to pursue dental surgery. This paper therefore seeks to describe who I am and what I want to achieve in future.
Personally, I am actively involved in sports and other extra curriculum activities. I enjoy playing basket ball and long tennis. I also spent my free time watching various television programs as well as reading novels and newspapers. In addition, I normally enjoy interacting with people of diverse cultural backgrounds and this shows that I embrace multiculturalism. I also like to work together with others as a team in order to come up with sound and workable decisions. I personally feel that I have good interpersonal, leadership and time-management skills.
From my family backgrounds, I have three brothers and four sisters. I can say that I normally feel fortunate to have been from such a large family where every member of the family treats the other with a lot of respect and dignity. In our family, we normally encourage one another to pursue things that will enable all of us prosper in our lives. Being the oldest child in our family, I normally advice and encourage my little brothers and sisters to put more efforts in their studies. I normally guide them by leading them by example and encouraging them to avoid involving themselves in activities that can ruin their lives. I hence can state that I am both mentor and role model to my brothers and sisters as well as to my cousins.
In addition, I always like to look nice and that is why I usually dress like a gentleman. I love fashions and I enjoy purchasing the latest designs of clothes. I have different types of fashion and I normally wear clothes depending on the time of the week as well as where I am going. For example, if I am going for a formal meeting, I normally wear suits in order to appear presentable. I also wear jeans and T-shirts over the weekends and when I am attending parties or going out with my friends. I also like to be always clean and that I why I normally wash my clothes on regular basis. I therefore can say that I love to look nice and to be clean.
It is worth stating that I have travelled to many places and I have met with people of diverse cultural backgrounds. Some of the places that I have visited include Saudi Arabia, London, Paris, America and Dubai. These travelling experiences have offered me a chance to meet and interact with many people of different nationalities as well as religious backgrounds. In addition, these travelling experiences have also changed my perception towards how I perceive the world. It has broadened my thinking and enabled me realize that the world is changing and we are currently living in a global village. Therefore, I personally think that I am an individual who is exposed to the world affairs.
I have lived in both United States and Saudi Arabia. This implies that I have experienced both the American and Saudi Arabia culture. When I came in America, I experienced communication difficulties because I never knew English. This forced me to learn English in order to be able to effectively communicate and interact with other people having in mind that America encompasses people of diverse cultural backgrounds. I therefore joined English classes to learn English as my second language. Initially, I found it hard to learn English but with time, I was able to learn and emerge victorious. I can now read, write and communicate in English effectively and also speak fluently. This experience thus shows that I am self confident and committed to achieve what I want in my life. It also shows that I am a strong person and I know what I should follow in order to accomplish my personal aspirations.
In addition, I love interacting with new people and making new friendships. I am also royal and kind to my friends and I always value maintaining friendship. I have friends in both America and Saudi Arabia as well as in other places across the globe especially in places where I have visited. In every new place I visit, I normally ensure that I have created a new friendship because I like interacting with new people in order to learn more about their culture. I also like sharing my experiences with my friends and new people as well as listening to their experience. I can hence say that I am assertive listener and I embrace multiculturalism.
I have passion for learning English language and this has led me to various extra-curricular activities. Over the past two years, I have personally attended at various youth theatres to watch dramas and live performances. I also enjoy going out with my friends to watch live performances. By watching at various live performances, this helps me to learn and experience cultures of other people. In addition, by being with friends in such events, this helps me to learn from them how they perceive different cultures. It as well helps me to improve my communication skills as I have always not been afraid of speaking in English even during the time when I had not mastered the language properly. This hence shows that I have confidence in myself and I like expressing my views to others.
Furthermore, I enjoy playing long tennis and basket ball with my friends. I also enjoy going to watch football matches with my friends during weekends. These extra-curricular activities normally help me to spend my free time wisely and to avoid engaging myself in destructive activities such as drug abuse. I am also normally selective in choosing my friends because I do not like the company of bad people. I also encourage children to live positive lives because I am also involved in a drug abuse campaign where we educate the youths about the negative impacts of substance abuse. In this respect, I can say that I am a caring person and I am always committed towards improving the welfare of the society.
Since now I have mastered English language, I am interested in pursuing medicine in dental surgery because I want to become a dentist in future. I am interested in dentistry because I have always wanted to engage in field where I will be able to help other people. In addition, I am interested in studying dentistry because rather than doctor who often pass patients through chain of other medical practitioners, a dentist is able to a client immediately after diagnosing the problem. In addition, I enjoy the idea that I will be able to take some time with my patients and hence I will be able to build good relationship with my patients.
In addition, I am involved in various volunteer activities and these experiences have made me to develop interest in dentistry. In those activities, I have been able to learn how to effectively connect with individuals from diverse social backgrounds and ages. Volunteering in the local community project that involved interacting with children, I have learned how I can use simple vocabulary and soothing tone in order to ensure that the children are comfortable. I have also worked at a center for the disabled adults and this experience helped to learn how I can gauge emotional status of all individuals in order to tailor the content and style of communication appropriately. I therefore feel that I have a passion for dentistry and I will be able to prosper in this field.
Apart from having the passion for helping other people by reducing their suffering, I also want to become a dentist because I want to improve the wellbeing of other people in both my community as well as in the entire society. I am confident that dentistry is the field that will enable me to combine my leadership aptitude with my urge for interpersonal interaction. I want to be working together as a team with my fellow dentist in order to exhibit and exercise strong communication and leadership skills. I personally embrace the great opportunity of putting my academic and communication skills to effective use as I work towards maintaining the health of many people. I hence feel that I have passion for dentistry and I am confident that I will be able to bring more positive impact in the entire dental field in future.
In conclusion, I am person who is well behaved and who is always committed to achieve his personal aspirations. I normally embrace multiculturalism and I enjoy meeting new people and interacting with people of diverse cultural backgrounds. Personally, I have been in numerous places across the globe including Dubai, London, Paris, Saudi Arabia and United States. I have lived in both Saudi Arabia and America and I hence feel that I have been able to experience different cultures and to interact with people of different religious and cultural backgrounds. In America, I have been able to enroll in English classes and studied English as my second language. I have mastered the language and I can now read, write and speak fluently in English. Currently, I am looking forward towards pursuing dentistry because I want to become a dentist in future. Since I am always committed and determined to accomplish my personal aspirations, I am confident that I will be able to achieve what I want in my life. I also feel that life experiences have shaped me to be who I am.


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