ABSN Personal Statement

  1. In many ways, nursing has been a part of my daily living. Having exposed for almost 15 years in a very warm setting of caring, my petty interest in nursing profession has sparked incredibly. It all started out when I took the responsibility of taking care of my elderly father and mother. I basically do all the nursing for them like assisting them, taking care of them, accompanying them to various physician appointments, monitoring their daily activities, frequently checking the time of medication, giving them their monthly intramuscular B12 shots and assuring their health maintenance. Putting me in the shoes of nurses, it made me witnessed the remarkable impact to one’s life. This first involvement in the nursing world has given me realization that my deep-rooted aspiration is all about taking care of people in all ways that I can. With these thoughts in my mind, I am optimistic that practicing nursing could make real, positive and favorable changes to the lives of every individual.

In the year 1997, certified by American Board of Opticianry, I obtained A. S. in Vision Care Technology and Opticianry together with FL and VA licenses. This degree allows me to have my optical works. However, it only encompasses sales of eye wears. I wanted to be a nurse because my keen interest and real passion is to be an ophthalmic nurse. Having a R. N. degree lets me to deal with the optical works and at the same time provide direct care to people. With your program. Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing, I will be able to reach my future plans in life – to be able to participate in a flying eye hospital organization as a pioneer for global eye health with the aim of achievement of optimal and quality eye health for all.

In 1991, I received my Bachelor of Science in Biology degree from the outstanding school of University of Maryland because of my fascination with Science, most especially the molecular and cellular biology. It greatly cemented my background when it comes to wider and deeper clinical experiences that I know it takes a good spot for the nursing industry.

I am fully aware that Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing is a challenging and demanding career. However, my decision of trailing this profession is well-fortified by my motivation, dedication and confidence. With enthusiasm, academic and professional working experience preparedness, solid background and key proficiencies that I have developed in my other educational attainments, I am more than ready to open numerous opportunities to the both of our excellence.

  1. In my own perspectives, a person who wanted to become a nurse must possess powerful leadership skills. Critical thinking is one of the unique skills of an effective leader. I may not have a direct clinical exposure with the field but one challenge that I have used my critical thinking skill is when I encountered a conflict with my first patient who is my father. The conflict escalated because I used to be strict to his maintenance and I am not permitting him to take anything like cigarettes, fats, alcohols, even if it is a little, which I know will cause a bad effect towards his body. He said that he felt being constrained. What we did to end the conflict is that we acknowledge the feelings of each other and we seek understandings in each need. Then we create a plan and respect each other’s values but we prioritized the goodness of the outcomes. I feel that it was an effective use of critical thinking because we managed to avoid any unexpected results. We protected each other for the risk of unacceptable behavior and conflict has never happened again so far.
    1. Based on my own perspectives, I am aware that nurses should treat every patient with dignity, worth and humanity because it is the easiest way to understand and attend to the patients individual needs, to demonstrate a loving, compassionate and sensitive care and to provide holistic care that will guarantee people equality and fairness. Aside from it is the basic rights of all patients, I also kept in mind that the issue of preserving, supporting and considering the dignity and worth is the most fundamental and most humane aspect of care. The responsibility of the nurses is to protect and promote consideration to the values and needs of all patients in any kind of professional relationships. Yes, I know that dealing with diverseness is one of the key core value of the school program and the chances patients having dissimilar culture, ethnicity and attitudes are quite high. One personal scenario that I have experienced was when I was deployed to be a eye professional after obtaining the A. S. in Vision Care Technology and Opticianry. Being an eyewear specialist, dealing with the people who is interested in optical works everyday is a commonplace. One time, there was a woman who went for a checkup and the result showed that she needed an eye wear to correct her eyes. However, in her family, nobody used pair of glasses and it is not so good for her to wear eye glasses. I knew it was a complicated case and I put in a diverse patients values encounters. What I did was I just respect and acknowledge her culture and values. Diversity is a big challenge and what I really wanted is to provide culturally sensitive car. However, I am not really in the position to do that. ABSN program is a great start for me to practice culturally sensitive ophthalmic nursing care for patients to ensure a compliant and positive outcome.
    2. An admission to your Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs is an essential ticket to my future career succession. Allowing me to have my next pace will unfold numerous opportunities and excellence for the both of us. After years of trainings, your program will mold me competently, professionally, morally, confidently and responsibly in facing clinical exposures and field work. I am seeing numerous of contributions that I can bring to the Duke Accelerated Bachelor of Science in nursing program. For the career program, what I can offer is the assurance of collaboration with my new ideas, concepts and research to maintain and, if possible, improve the offered programs goals and processes. Discussion of characteristics that could enhance the programs is, I believe, will be my best contribution. In addition, I will also keep the excellent reputation of the program by certainly reflecting the focus of the program in leadership, evidence-based practice and standardized patients by being a role model for the program. For the Duke School of Nursing, I am promising to complete the course to fulfill their goals of producing graduates that are eligible for registered nurse licensure and creating a top performing nurses that will eventually play continuous, engaging, leading and unique roles in the nursing profession. I will also display constant support towards the school goals by ceaselessly standing as a witness for the productive output of the school. For the nursing profession, aside from the plans I primed for myself – to work as a ophthalmic nurse for global eye health – I will be a professional nurse that will apply critical thinking, expertise in nursing with diverse clinical backgrounds, leadership and competence to the practice with the help of the research utilization, Accelerated Bachelor of Science in nursing program with the combination of Duke School of Nursing support, Duke University Health System and the community.

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