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HER movie review
This a 2013 American movie directed, produced and written by Jonze Spike and it marks Spike’s solo screenwriting presentation. This movie features Theodore Twombly who falls for a woman named Samantha, and develops a relationship. Samantha is a brilliant computer operating system epitomized in a female voice. This movie idea was developed after the writer read an article on how synthetic intelligence algorithm can be used to make conversations with human beings (The Guardian.com, 2013).
The genre of this movie is comedy, science fiction and romantic drama where a human being falls for artificial intelligence person in search of relationship, after his childhood lover decided to divorce him. As a lonely person, Theodore purchases a chatting computer operating (OS) system to provide him the relationship he is so desperately searching for following his impending divorce. Following his desire for a female relationship, he chooses an OS with a female voice, and calls her Samantha (The Guardian.com, 2013).
Theodore is captivated by the ability of Samantha to study and grow psychologically because she I able to initiate a bond with Theodore. She is able to develop relationship about life and love and she is supportive, curious, undemanding, and very interested about Theodore. This artificial personified voice proves to be a better companion than Theodore’s wife who instead of sharing love and happiness with her husband has filed for a divorce (The Guardian.com, 2013).
As reliable friend, Samantha advises Theodore to go on a blind date and meet another woman. Theodore meets Olivia Wilde and start romancing, but he lie to her and the woman is hurt and calls off the date; Theodore is also hurt. He talks about his feeling with Samantha because she does not judge or criticize him, but provide constant support and affection. Their relationship helps Theodore become more captivated in his work, and he is generally a better person after meeting Samantha. Their relationship grow, but Catherine criticizes her ex-husband of not dealing with his human emotions as it should because he has fallen in love with an operating system (The Guardian.com, 2013).

Relationship between people and networking
Many times people desire to connect and relate makes and this them embrace technology. Networking is the best approach that people experience relationship with diverse persons. Today, people have embraced social networks and initiate relationships with strangers across the world. For instance, networking helps a person reach out to many people more than he or she can achieve in face to face communication. For example, a social media such as Facebook helps people connect with friends from all corner of the world something that could not be possible with traditional communication and relationships (Brown, 2007).
With the introduction of the internet, networking has become easy and people are able to break barriers in their communities that prohibit girl and boy relationships especially in the Arab community. With networking, girls and boys are able to make and develop relationships with people across the world build self esteem, and rapport with others (Brown, 2007).
Human beings are social being and socialization is part of human life. With networking people can share their thoughts and form association in which their views are accepted, and recognized. In that way, networking helps people to realize that they are not alone since there are thousands of people with the same problem or issues in life. This builds courage and confidence that whatever a person might be going through others have survived and they too will manage (Brown, 2007). This could be beating cancer or depression of other challenges.
Networking in the 21st century has proven to be critical in building work relationship and increase productivity. People are different and what one person has the other person might lack. Hence, networking in a work place helps people share and receive better ideas on how to improve their work and in the end, networking relationship benefits all the persons involved (Brown, 2007).

Effect of computer system on human beings
Since their introduction, computers have played a great role in improving human life in many ways. One of the effects of computer today is communication. Computers have revolutionized communication since people can send emails, and other document using their computers more effectively than using postal services. With the introduction of internet, communications have improved, and people can communicate more swiftly with computers at their homes or offices (Huang, 1994).
More so, computers have made writing and typing more effective. Gone are the days when people used complex typewriting machines that were hard to use and tiresome. With the use of computers, it is easy for writers to write their stories or findings direct in their computers. This saves a lot of time since a person eliminate the time used in copying the story from the book to the typesetting machine for printing (Huang, 1994).
In addition, the introduction of computers has made it easy for people to share and retrieved information at ease. Today, there are millions of data that is available online and people can retrieve and store data effectively. Computer library hold many books and retrieval for any information is swift (Huang, 1994).
Lastly, computers have played a critical role in banking, education, traffic control, shopping, and employment and defense among others. With the introduction of computes, many things have become computerized and this saves time and resources, and increases efficiency. Nonetheless, computers have left some people jobless since they are programs that help organization produce better, and companies end up retrenching some workers (Huang, 1994).

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