Importance Of Family In The Modern World

Family is a very important thing to have as an individual as they help one during hard times. The main role of family is to love and care for one another and to help each other in the times of need. Nowadays family can be seen as a very important factor in the lives of people and family may be seen as the heart and soul of the human beings. Family is among the world’s oldest institutions as from time immemorial people have been grouping themselves into families seeking support either emotionally, physically or communally. Although families are the oldest institutions, they do not remain dormant as they have been changing with time. However, though these families change the family values have always stayed intact all over the world (Defrain, Friesen and Brand).

Families may be seen as the most concrete social unit in the human world. This shows that families are the best place for people to learn the skills of socializing. In the process of socializing families also teach the children the art of partnership and working together as a unit and the art of surviving in the world and learning to live with others. Families also play an important role in disciplining the children and hence aid in bringing up adults that are going to be responsible members of society. Families teach people how to handle their responsibilities through chores that children are given this in turn also makes the children to eventually become civilized and responsible members of the community.

Having a family in this modern times is important as one gets to have people with whom he can share his thoughts and experiences with which helps one to cope with the demands of the modern world which has developed. Family also allows us not to get lost in today’s technological advancements and changes in culture as it reminds us of the old days and it always remind us of the core values of which we are supposed to hold dear and cherish. Therefore having a family in today’s is highly important, and it also acts as a company when one feels bored since you people whom you can talk to and share your thoughts with.


Defrain, John, et al. ” Creating a strong family.” are families so important (2008).


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