The importance of film industry in the modern world


Filmography plays a significant role in the entertainment industry. Also known as movies, these moving pictures are appealing to the viewer’s eyes and ears because they combine both video and audio features. Films have over time evolved to integrate color cinematography and 3-dimensional sound. As such, it has great influence over the human culture.

Keywords: Film industry, Filmography

The film industry is a source of entertainment. Depending on the preferences of the people involved, films can be watched at home or at theatres. They provide a perfect bonding time for friends and family. Whereas it is economical to watch a movie at home, going to theatres provides more fun as there is interaction with others and the thrill of just being in a theatre. Either way, movies offer an excellent way to relax and pass time

Films also create employment opportunities. The film industry is estimated to be worth of billions of dollars. Various kinds of people are employed to work as actors, actresses, cameramen, producers, directors, managers and company representatives. It also provides secondary jobs for persons as props, costume designers, caterers, sound, lighting and electronics. As such, many families have come to depend on the film industry as a source of income. The government also generates its revenue from the industry. Massive taxes are levied on the industry and are thus crucial for supporting many economies.

The film industry has also found its way as an educational tool. Films that are developed and are solely intended for educational purposes are known as educational films. They consist of taped video of lectures, discussions and experiments. They have transformed the learning environment as students can get “to be taught” even in the absence of a facilitator. It also breaks the traditional educational system where only books serve as a source of educational content. Students have, therefore, found films to be a valuable learning tool.

One of the clear effects of films is influence over people thoughts. The societal social trends have also been affected. This is reflected in the way people dress, eat and many other activities. Films have also found their importance in encouraging cohesiveness and nation building. Films foster peace, promotes good morals and guide public opinion.

Ultimately films can be used as means of enlightening the masses. It can be a channel for good messages and empowerment to make a better society.


Greenberg, B. R., Syracuse University., & Syracuse University. (2008). Hollywood and the film development process: The influence of social networks and industry structure on content decisions.


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