The phenomena of friendship in all its aspects

The phenomena of friendship in all its aspects

Friends can be pets, animals, classmates, siblings or even parents. They are love and bring happiness in one’s life. Some friends are fake and pretentious and can desert one in times of trouble while others hold ones back no matter the situation. It is therefore advisable to distinguish the two types. One can tell a good friend from their actions and characters.

A good friend is honest, non-judgmental and corrects your mistakes without fear. He or she should not only be empathetic but also sympathetic. Good friends always share one’s feelings at all times. They weep with you in times of calamity and celebrate with you in times of joy. A friend is one who loves you unconditionally and one who does not mind even in the times of disagreements in opinions or ideologies. Good friends are reliable for they keep regular contact hence available in times of turmoil. They are defending, trustworthy and will never stab one on the back.

Friends are essential in everyone’s life as they provide a hand in difficult times. Good friends bring joy in life for they are a great fun to spend time with. They are people who can be trusted even with the deepest secrets. Differences in personalities and beliefs do not undermine the ability to make friends. On the contrary, much similarity can be boring as one will not be having any challenges while interacting with the friend. More concrete friendships and relationships originate from people who share situations in life, challenging experiences and similar struggles in life. Ideologies, personalities, beliefs and views are low on the list hence they do not guarantee a reliable friendship or relationship as many people may think.

Improvement in technology has influenced how people communicate and interact. This has been very evident in the modes of communication as in the past, people relied much on letters and fax while in the recent past, people have turned to cell phones, emails and social media to communicate. Technology has promoted personal relationships as more ways of communication have emerged. This enables one to keep in constant contact with family, friends and loved ones. This cements their relationships. Dependency on the internet and mobile phones for communication has brought a decline in face to face communication.

Growing up or aging comes with responsibilities and commitments. People tend to get busier with their lives hence the frequency of interaction is reduced hence weakening the bond. This gradually affects the nature of their friendships. Friends can be more important to one than the family depending on the situation. Some families are abusive and toss people on the streets when they need them most especially if they want them to change and become a “perfect person”. In these situations, one is forced to look for companionship and support from trustworthy friends whom he or she ends viewing as the true family otherwise family is usually more important than friends.


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