For any kind of hospitality enterprise world-wide, the management should be under no illusions regarding the vitality of running an effective operation. Managing any kind of restaurant is an immensely complicated task. The customers have every right to be demanding. They expect first-class service and that’s what any bar owner ought to tom give them. Should be there any problems in managing this kind of operation, the customer sees them immediately and this definitely is the biggest incentive for the bars to take operations seriously.

The site selected for a restaurant franchisor is the location provides a prime place for the purchase of fast foods and other drinks for the purposes of providing visibility and also for the frequency in exposure. This has its own impact based on the restaurant and the architectural design. The type of color used therefore becomes the source of brand recognition on one hand and the fundamentals of the concept of franchise on the other hand, which actually makes it difficult for any franchisee to alter.

For example, B-bar restaurant is predominantly situated at a choice location with its golden color and arches, which actually establish its presence in the middle of the existing business centre. This actually may or may not blend with the cultural environment and atmosphere of the locality.

Fast turnovers in many franchise restaurants like B-bar have the need for bright lighting, warm colors, less comfortable seating, and drive-through. This creates an ambiance and environment that may not blend well or be in conflict with the existing atmosphere.

Foods become the main component in franchising and therefore a good concept for B-bar. Therefore the menu as shown in the walls of B-bar is central around which the concept of franchising is premised. B-bar has done well enough to make sure that their plan remains on only serving food and beverages that are preferred for enjoyment by its customers on regular basis. Just like any franchise, B-bar has tried to make standard its major items whose taste is relatively similar. This standardization itself has an impact on the lifestyle, eating habit, food, preferences, and food habits.

To touch on dependability, the quality of service of B-Bar is just impeccable. The basics have well been dealt with. For instance, the staff is courteous at all times and yet also friendly towards the guests. They possess the knowledge of being able to respond to the customer’s questions. The building and equipment, in fact all the hardware of the operation, support the luxury atmosphere which has been created in the B-Bar. Stylish design and top-class materials in B-Bar not only create the right impression, but they have been so carefully chosen thus the bar looks good. Most of all thigh, quality has been improved through the anticipation of the guests’ needs. Thinking ahead so that it has been able to identify what delight or irritates the guests.

Dependability has been held as a fundamental principle in B-Bar. The bar always keeps to its promises. For instance, rooms rooms are always ready as per the time they are needed and the accounts are ready for presentation when a guest departs. With this, the guest ever expects a dependable service and thus anything less than fully dependability is a regarded as a legitimate cause of dissatisfaction. On grand occasions, dependability is held prime to B-Bar. For example, when staging a banquet everything is ever on time. Drinks, foods, entertainment are availed exactly as desired and planned. Another vital fact in the bar that directly impacts dependability is flexibility (Pearson South Africa, 2000). This is so because it is through this that the bar is able to meet a guest’s requests. B-bar is thus bale to cope with seasonal fluctuations in demand.


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