The field of my research was as an institution known as Gromper Middle School GPA and I studied the special education class. In this type of class, the instructor’s name is Ms. Bianca. The day I first enter the class I come across many variations from what my expectation are more especially since I had never before attended any special class there before. As the lesson commence here, two assistants are seen. Every student is seen being highly active and noisy.  My physical observation lets me into knowing the kind of characters that these students do possess. One of them comes on to introduce himself to me as Ms. Wang the tutor. The class teacher, Ms.Bianca poses all the directives that clearly stipulate the nature of the assignments that thesespecial needs education students are planning to do during this lesson.Despite the fact that she takes too much effort in explaining the instruction s to the students, only a negligible number of them are ready to take them in. None of the students lays focus on Ms. Bianca. The lesson is part of a course which is geared into aiding these students in finishing their assignments. My physical observation tells me that eight of these students have ADHD. Additionally, one more student has been cross examined to be found that he has a defiant kind of demeanor. This one student can be well described as oppositely defiant. A clear indication that he does the intricate opposite of what he is asked to carry out. The oppositely defiant student has been segregated from the other students and thus he owns his own desk- that is well offset from the rest of the other students. These other students can be seen to be well arranged in seats which are along   three tables located on one of the sides of the room. This class lacks a teacher assistant.

The room is bright due to the fact that one of is walls is composed on purely windows. The other three walls have various assignments and other works aimed at the students posed on them. There are many signs which as per my understanding are meant to make the students recall various rules, the letters of the alphabetical order as well as numerals. These are well located where none of these students can struggle seeing them. On the opposite side of the classroom, two dry erase boards are evident. Furthermore in this room, there can be seen ample space for locations of cubes for every special needed student of this classroom where they can keep their belongings safely.

From what I observed, most of the students remained bored during the entire class. This can be attributed to the fact that each of the students as got his or her own special needs, they are varied, yet they only have one teacher controlling them. This is really hectic for they teacher and the kids themselves are every unlikely to find this kind of class engaging them.

So as to overcome the foresaid kind of problem, it is recommended that the class need to be sub-divide into various groupings. With this kind of approach, the class will turn into an interesting kind of class thus relevant to many individuals. In occasion whereby the tasks need new learning skills, is common that the human brain is eager and thus focused with learning. What follows is practicing and then applies the new skills. Ii this class, each student was observed doing different things in subgroups. This case of different ions is thus sound for the case here. However, the setting necessitating differentiation hereis different form where the students in class are differentiated on the basis of being clever or dumb. At times, the whole group takes responsibility for the completion of the task assigned to them. Contrary, in other groupings, each individual does the work on their own, but cooperation is essential for the completion of the work. In this kind of setup, skills are acquired as well as perseverance gained though in some scenarios, failure is frequent. As a remedy, direct instruction is spearheaded, however,this ought to be done in small bursts on a need to know basis.

In normal learning environments, it is obvious that some application take quite some substantial amount of time as other just take a few minutes for their completion. Typical story problems are absolutely not realistic thus they do not involve deep thinking. Thus, the use of prompts else situation which demand just a few days of thinking and action for their completion is thus a solution. Such kinds of problems usually possessmany corrects solutions, so longs as the approach employed is justifiable. Once the students have set up various equations which they find difficulties in solving, they can go to their tutor for consultations either as a group thus necessitation direct teaching on this sort of technique.Therefore, these are able to keep track of the skills they acquire with a toolbox, perhaps an envelope, full of cards that symbolize the skills they have learnt over time. The content that is learnt inclass is prepared by the types of problems that each of the skills is used for, not the chapter that Pearson has settled on putting it on.

Next I moved into the GPA’s middle school. This was established in 2009 in a partnership with UCSD. The school offers rigoroustype of high school college preparatoryprogram that has been well drafted so as to prepare students for college. The school’s program incorporated honors also advanced placement courses in field’shistory, Mathematics, science, and English. The school’s students are  training ways of thinking  in a critical way and developing analytical skills which ultimately prepares them  for professional relations which they poses with the teacher. The schools teachers are professionally prepared in ways that are geared into meeting the students’ academic needs besides social needs. The staff is employed following a thorough application process which incorporatesthe parents, staff members and the student’s panelist owing to the fact that the school, chartered. The school’s activities, curriculum, extracurricular as well as instruction are carefully set up so as to create great kind of partnership between homes also the school environment. Each of the students’s attending college classes that are focused on REACH values.  This school is committed into preparing high school students into their next stage of life, through their movement from home into the university, community as well as the working world. Plans are there to extend the facility of the school, so that coming the following year, there will be a high school with grade 9 and 10.

The next move involved a survey to Gompers Charter School (GCMS) that was started in 2005 in partnership with USCD together with the community. This is aimed at supporting, challenging besides loving the adolescents in due course the interval as they transition from elementary school to high school. The students are encouraged in the course of their academic development to depict REACH values. Emotional support is provided to the students in the school at all costs besides intellectual challenge. In the school, every spring, eight grade students are involved in adventure of their lifetime: the Historical Students Tours, during which they explore Washington D.C also other sights on the east coast. Middle schools years are full of energy, transition also excitement. GPA is keen on balancing middle school years through a focus on four chief elements that include REACH values, a community of friends, positive teacher relationships also a center of academic excellence.


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