LAVC Psy 60 Discussion 2 – Emotional and Intellectual Basis of Stress, Should, ought, must, & negative and irrational beliefs






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Basically, stress is an emotional, intellectual or physical reaction to change. Its mainly associated with emotion; the state of mind   with the  physical reactions   associated with it. Emotions are mainly associated with;anger,sadness,fear,enjoyment,love,surprise,disgust and shame.Sress is a   harmful feeling associated with how one behaves. This influences ones’ personality; who we are.

Stressor   which is any stimulus that cause stress is classified into external and internal stressors. External stress is mainly influenced by major life events; lose of a loved one, where one is forced to be alone thus   loneliness which   is hard to adapt. Daily hassles such as gossip also cause external stress. Its ones’ belief, attitude and perceptions   that combine with external stressors to stress self. Research has shown that stress is caused by an interaction between the stressor,ones’view of the stressor and the ability to cope with it.

Words such as must and ought should be avoided while talking to a stressed individual because they obligate him/her instead of persuading.The word should is more appropriate due to its soft tone.

In Richard Blonnas’ book; Coping with stress in a changing world, he uses easy to learn 5Rs.This entails;Rethink,Reduce,Relax,Release and Re-organize. Stress can not be controlled but can be reduced when handled   responsibly, whereby   the cause of the stress is thought about,appropriate measures   to manage or reduce the stress are laid and one has to stay calm to release the stress then get back on track. Feeding on a healthy diet and exercise also gives one a break from mental and emotional stress.

Normally, life is full of changes and one has to get used to the stressful  situations and independent lifestyle.Cooperation,change and consequences are important                                                                                         anti-stressful concepts.

  • Cooperation;getting oneself to work with others, talk along, spend some time together sharing about various experiences in life reduces stress. Cooperating with those who care and support us helps to reduce, relax and render stress harmless.
  • Change; is inevitable and a great help in ones’ life. With each passing day of ones’ life, changes are under ones’ control and it’s the ability to adapt to the changes that provides one with an opportunity to cope up with stress.
  • Consequences; every choice or decision one makes in life has an impact, either positive or negative one. In life, before you make any decision; think first and consider   the options and the outcome for a less stressful life.

In conclusion, an individual should be able to identify the stress in his/her life, the cause of the stress and develop an effective way to deal with it. If need be, cooperate with others so the outcome may benefit everyone.

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