What exactly Nancy Keenan is saying in her press





What exactly Nancy Keenan is saying in her press

Keenan’s main point or claim in the Naral press release is to show how the election Gov. Mitt Romney and his vice presidential running mate Paul Ryan would be a threat to women reproductive rights and health because of Ryan’s extreme anti-choice and Romney’s pledge to take away women’s rights if elected as the president of the USA. Keenan shows on different instances where the two voted against women reproductive rights and how neither of the two has been for pro-choice. Keenan thinks that Gov. Mitt Romney is a like mind of his running mate; people who are out of touch with the nations priorities and values. Keenan wanted to tell people that they should make wise choices in the 2012 elections as a choice they make would determine the future of reproductive rights in the USA. As the president of Naral Pro-Choice America, Nancy Keenan is a campaigner of women reproductive rights, and that is why the press release shows how women reproductive rights will be compromised by the election of the two leaders.  According to Keenan, the constitution of US gives the president unique authorities to influence the policies ad laws that govern the freedom of choice and, therefore, if the two are elected, they would influence the women reproductive rights and health which they have been voting against.

To support her claims, Keenan shows how Rep. Paul Ryan had in the past cast 59 votes while he was in the congress and all of them were anti-choice. She simply claims that Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney are bad people, not worthy to take over as the president and vice president of the US. Keenan says that Ryan voted in favour of defunding family planning programs and supported the ‘Let Women Die Bill’. This bill would prohibit hospitals from providing emergency services for pregnant women and life saving abortions even if there are high chances of a woman dying from it. Keenan also claims that Ryan has in the past repeatedly voted against having women in the military as a way of undermining and oppressing the women and to prevent them from defending their freedom overseas. He has also voted against women using their own money to fund abortion care at different military hospitals, which highly endangers their health. Gov. Romney had also pledged to have the removal of women’s rights as his first priority which spelled doom for the American women.

Keenan goes ahead to show how the vice-presidential running mate of Mitt Romney had in the past voted against human rights. She says that Ryan had also in the past repeatedly voted in favor of defunding Planned Parenthood in order to deny millions of American women any access to comprehensive reproductive health care as well as preventive services. Keenan also shows how Ryan has in the past voted for the Federal Abortion Ban, a law that would criminalize specific abortion cases endangering the health of women. The voting for the bill that defunded Planned Parenthood has led to the reinstatement of the D.C abortion ban. Keenan shows all these facts or claims as a way of showing the voters on the importance of making wise choices in the elections as this would show their ability to make private medical and personal decisions. Keenan and her organization would continue to support the administration of Obama because he defends productive the reproductive rights and health of the American women.

Keenan says that the occupant of the White House is more powerful over reproductive rights and based on the deeds, words and actions of both Ryan and Romney, she was afraid that they would use this power to influence the law in order to do away with all women reproductive health and women’s rights.  She shows all the bad sides of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in matters of reproductive health to the extent that no good thing about them can supersede the already stated bad qualities. She portrays the two as extreme anti-choice bakers whose election into the president and vice president would lead to the illegalization of abortion and would make abortion care inaccessible for the next generation of American women.

Keenan, however, portrays President Obama as the good one; one who believes that every woman has the right to make a choice regarding legal and safe abortion with privacy and dignity. She openly states how her organization and she support the re-election of president Obama as he believes that women should make their own health care decisions and that he had signed into law one of the greatest advancements in the health of women in a generation something that Mitt Romney and his running mate did not so.  In simple words, Keenan tells women that they should not trust Mitt Romney to protect their health. Judging from his pledges, he would repeal Obamacare, which would take away women access to better prenatal and maternity care and will not even respect the reproductive health and rights of women.

Keenan’s paper is logically structured, and this is on the basis of how she has analyzed all the issues. She makes use of different Congress voting that Mitt Romney’s running mate voted against different aspects of women rights and women’s reproductive health to tell women that the two were not the right candidates for the position of the US president and his deputy as they do not have the best interests of women at heart. Information obtained from voting on different bills before the Congress will be the best tool to use in determining the accuracy and the inaccuracy of Keenan’s paper. This information would give insights on who voted for and against different bills before the Congress. Proving that Keenan was wrong in her press release would require a win for Mitt Romney into the White House in order to see if he fulfils his pledges of doing away with women’s rights. If he does not, then Keenan would be proved to have been lying to the people.

The most interesting part of Keenan’s press release is how she talks with certainty that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan would not take women’s rights into consideration if elected as president and vice president of the US. She seems very much aware of the implication of their election to an extent that she makes it well known to the women of America that the priority of her organization is to ensure President Obama wins the elections back to the White House; to continue the good thing that he has been doing for the women of America.

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