NURSE Corps Scholarship Program

NURSE Corps Scholarship Program





NURSE Corps Scholarship Program

Healthcare is considered a top priority in many nations across the globe. This notwithstanding, there are still segments of the population that remain underserved. There are different reasons that could explain the reason why some societies lack efficient and quality healthcare. One is the level of income. In this regard, it must be noted that healthcare has become an expensive affair meaning that proper healthcare would commensurate to an individual’s financial strength. Those from poor societies would then be left out completely or receive inadequate health services. The other factors include living styles and cultural settings. With reference to cultural settings, it must be stated that some communities do not believe in western medicine and remain rooted to their traditional modes of treatment. This in turn pushes away health professionals from these areas. Increased rates of poverty in other areas of the world could also justify insufficient healthcare in underserved areas.  However, through the Nurse Corps Scholarship Program, it is possible to offer the underserved people equitable services. Commitment from the health experts to address the plight of individuals from underserved areas could rectify some of the mistakes in this important subject.

In my contribution to the mission and goal of the Nurse Corps Program, I would promise to operate as a nurse in one of the areas that has limited healthcare facilities. This would take place after my graduation. This would be based on the fact that it is necessary to meet nursing care standards and patient needs across the globe. We can work in unison to correct the imbalance at the place of work and promote the care received by patients from the underserved areas. By pledging to serve as a nurse among the underserved communities, I would be giving back to the society, which in essence is part and parcel of everyone.

From my own approach, I do believe that each and every person is tasked with the moral responsibility of giving back to the society. In this way, it is possible to promote major progress for the betterment of the future. Through embracement of this responsibility, I am to establish a strong community. Working together, we would see an escalation in patients care quality as a result of sufficient staffing.

It has been shown that sufficient nurse staffing is directly connected to efficient patient care. My main objective in contributing to the mission and goal of Nurse Corps Program will be to bolster patient satisfaction rates within the underserved areas. Through the acceptance of my role at an important healthcare facility, I would be easing the pressure on the already existing workforce. In addition, through consistent commitment and teamwork, we can work to enhance the healthcare quality for people in underserved areas. Coming from an underserved area must not imply sacrificing healthcare quality.

In the same vein, I have my own philosophies regarding nursing. First and foremost, I believe that nurses operate in different settings, tackling the people’s needs regardless of their backgrounds. Secondly, I believe that like any other field, nursing has its own challenges. However, nurses are in a position of promoting health outcomes. Moreover, I am strongly of the view that nurses are able to advance the framework for monitoring, evaluating and managing different diseases. Most important, I believe that nursing means more than the qualification itself. In this regard, nurses must be caring, compassionate besides showing commitment in helping people. Furthermore, I believe that nurses have to tackle tough health challenges in an efficient manner and without fear or favor. This implies that nursing is a calling.

The other philosophy I have in regard to nursing is the fact that its serves the people. This means that nursing works in close connection with the communities. Moreover, it means focusing on primary prevention and enhancing healthcare. As far as I am concerned, I believe that the society would perceive nursing as a profession, which has to be advanced with an aim of ascertaining that their health and wellbeing is protected. In addition, I hold the view that the society would expect that so as to have an element of belonging, it is important that the nurses forge close relations with them. Of great significance is the fact that these are tasks or rather responsibilities, which entail collaboration with the communities in a bid to tackle health challenges.

I could use this knowledge in supporting the mission and vision of NURSE Corps Scholarship Program. By taking part in the Nurse Corps Program, I will have the chance to increase access to healthcare by proving nursing services in healthcare facilities within few numbers of nurses. In the same vein, I will help Nurse Corps commit to offering the society exceptional services presented with care and respect. Most important is that we will work together to reiterate these beliefs: consideration and respect for the welfare of everyone; acknowledgement for and connection with the board of trustees, health experts, workers, volunteers and the administration; acknowledgement of the fact that resources should be employed in a prudent manner; incorporation of exceptional healthcare with the resources of the community; nurturing monetary strength; and governance through integrity and transparency.

Based on these objects, I would work to ensure adaptability and commitment in offering care in different settings with the inclusion of community health centers, churches, institutions of learning and homeless camps. In addition, I would ensure that my colleagues offer sufficient care to the people in their homes, in events like health camps and in agencies that address people with specific needs. Furthermore, my important role in the communities will bolster access to healthcare on one hand while reducing costs on the other. Together with Nurse Corps, we will continue to develop and execute corporate welfare initiatives, thus promoting health and other success of other employees within the healthcare setting.

Based on the above, I strongly believe that I would be considered for the Nurse Corps Scholarship Program. Given my knowledge and commitment, I am sure that my contributions in helping the underserved communities will portray the real mission of the Nurse Corps.


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