Personal Statement

Personal Statement

To me, the sky is not the limit because I do whatever it takes to bring out the best there can be. My current Law interests are in the area of civil rights, policy administrations, and advocacy.  I am a Board Member and Chapter founder of Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) which is a good thing for us in building a better community for American Muslims. We are currently underway in building a partnership with a variety of immigration and refugee advocacy groups in New England to build synergies between organizations. I am also a Certified Technical Program Manager with over 15 years of professional experience on the national and international scene using my agile management skills to enhance company profitability. I have outlined a number of my key professional accomplishments herein.

I led a subscription-based implementation for Autodesk doubling their growth in 1.5 years which resulted in an increase in the company’s revenue by 25%, and replaced a homegrown solution with our client organizations (EMC, Novell and Avaya) thereby yielding 400% improvement in the system interface performance enterprise wide. In addition, I replaced a series of releases that were crises-driven and stabilized it using formal project methodologies. I later strategically utilized vendor resources to reduce project delay and deliver projects on time; presented detailed recommendations to CPG companies (Colgate, Snuggles, Purina, and Swifter) which resulted in the brand marketing. I also trained and led consultants in strong matrix organizational to act as the SWAT team to “fight fires” on global projects that required complex customizations. I am an experienced leader in utilizing SCRUM method and applying it to the Software Development Life Cycle projects worldwide in the finance, insurance, and healthcare industries. These are just a few accomplishments that I have achieved in my line of work, the list is endless. My driving force is a desire to make the world better, do all that I can to leave an indelible mark of excellence wherever I go. This is the force that will guide me through while studying at Yale Law School.

I have worked for various companies and organizations in a managerial position. They include: JP Morgan Chase, Point Information Systems, Affinnova Inc., Open Channel Solutions, The CAD Centre, and finally Seniors Market Application Services Group Lead (CIGNA). I played different roles in each company, but the common duties in all were: Managing business relationships, identifying and resolving any impediments, consultancy, and research analysis, directing, coaching and motivating designer’s etcetera. The various roles and experience I received from these companies will enable me to handle all the challenges that come with studying Law. Working for all those years in managerial positions meant that I had to learn to prioritize, offer real solutions and work in coordination with fellow employees, employers, partners and the society at large. This is convenient for me because it will come in handy during my interaction with fellow students, professors, and the Yale Law school community at large.

My academic history is as follows: Bs. Arch with concentration in Engineering/Business Administration (1997) – Harvard University, Masters in Business Administration (2007 – University of Hartford, Project Management Certification – (2008) – Charter Oak University, Agile Project Management (2010 Scrum Alliance), Certified Yoga Teacher (2014) – World Yoga Alliance. I intend to use this academic knowledge in venturing into a new field of Law. In addition, My Yoga training which I received from a renowned Master Yogi, Dharmendra Ji, who has Yoga schools in Cyprus, India and Thailand will enable me to deal with the stresses that I will likely face. It will be important because I will be in a position to meditate and maintain a balanced emotion and attitude even in the face of a challenge.

My greatest ambition in life has been to make a positive impact in the world. This is the primary reason why I would not prefer any other Law School to Yale Law School. I believe that Yale Law School is focused on making a positive difference in the world, and this is what makes it special and unique from other institutions that offer Law studies. I did research and realized that it is only in Yale where students are allowed to specialize in their fields of interest early. This is especially good for me because I already know what I want to study. In this case, the chance to specialize early will give me ample time to concentrate on studies and conduct research related to my area of interest. With this, I promise an above excellent performance

My parting shot, I only go to the best, give the best and in return hope for the best, and what is better than getting a chance to study Law at Yale! With all confidence, I feel that only Yale Law School will quench my intellectual thirst, and I know I will leave an indelible mark of excellence by the time I complete my studies.


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