Proposal to up-date the school facilities

Proposal to up-date the school facilities








An inspection was recently carried out in the school premises. It concluded by giving the school a fairly average grade. This could not be considered poor or excellent. This means that the poor just managed to go over the mark. It concluded that the state of the school infrastructure and facilities is as follows.

Current Situation

The school swimming area was the first to assess. The assessors found that the junior pool was not functioning. This has been in this state for the past six months. The senior swimming pool though functioning had some debris at the bottom that appeared to have been there for some time. The indoor basketball court was found to have some areas with loose surfaces. The surface in the tennis court was almost similar to that of the basketball court. On the plus side, the school’s laboratories were rated quite highly. It is vital for the school facilities to be of good standards since this directly affects the quality of learning that the students can get.


I, therefore, recommend that we should start by fixing the basketball and tennis court areas. Their present conditions may lead to severe injuries to students that use them on a regular basis. I propose that radical changes should be made to the sports management committee in order to avoid such a state of the sporting facilities in the future. It would seem sensible to put in place an interim management committee to foresee the pending repair work so as to ensure that the work is of high quality. The junior swimming pool should be fixed as soon as possible and the debris that is at the base of the senior pool be cleared as soon as possible.


These proposals should be given due consideration, or the repair works that we will undertake will otherwise be clearly pointless.


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