Personal Statement of Purpose





Personal Statement of Purpose.

Career is a person’s progress within the occupation of interest or a series of occupations. Careers also include progresses in life through growth and development both in vocational and a-vocational life spheres. Internships and professional work experiences often tell whether a person continues with or drops the type of profession pursued. Professional development then varies depending on the several good and available choices. Most skills in professional careers are to help us communicate effectively and they get along with effective planning in career. Professions enable human beings to cope with ambiguity in various changing environments and enhance the abilities to overcome obstacles throughout life and work. This personal statement paper has an aim of addressing questions based on professional development and personal opinions.

How have your internships or professional work experiences influenced your decision to pursue a graduate degree in Communication Management at USC Annenberg?

Internships have made my ideas of profession to change and having a profession is not all about going to schools and getting a qualification. Communication Management as a degree career was built by the internships I underwent. With the internships, I was at a position to bridge class concepts and put them into the real world. Whatever is always written in papers then had to be applied in real life activities and reflection on experiences also gave me the taste for a communication degree. Since deciding on a career is often stressful and frightening, perceiving the career path becomes complex and mysterious. Communication Management internships have been overwhelming and through their experience I have been overwhelmed in this field and that is why I took my studies further to the degree level. Internships have come with masses of data and the general experience in putting written work to practice has added a value to my interest in Communication Management.

How will a degree in Communication Management enhance your professional development?

A degree in Communication Management will enhance my professional development by enhancing my competitive edge. First, communication management would drive my performance quality and consistently improve its performance. Most organizations invest in professional development for employees and students who can communicate to clients and to the community. With a degree in Communication Management, acquiring an employment opportunity in such organizations would be easy and this would be the beginning of my professional development. The degree would give me a professional development platform by linking my performances and service of clients. I would then be best fit for professional communication development and this would surely enhance my professional development.

What skill sets are you looking to develop through your graduate studies?

Through my graduate studies, the skills I would love to develop should precisely be based on communication management. I would then want to establish strong working skills with people and this would apply even in my working environments. With excellent skills in communication, my performance and management of resources ranging from work expectations to planning would be recognized. Skills that promote easy access to information and feedback within organizations would help my communication career a great mile. With good information about communication, I would develop an avenue to giving good feedback within my profession and the society and this skill will be developed through learning and experience. Planning and development of activities should come with skills that promote them and organize what should be planned. Even with a chance to be a leader, it would be easier to involve employees in planning activities and those of development such that running of organizations at large become objective. The employees will be at a position to participate in planning and developmental issues with a diversity of skills put into practice. Another important skill that should just come out clearly is the appreciation one. Throughout my learning, I would really love to develop my appreciation skills to enable me recognize and appreciate what has been done. In case of leadership, I would comfortably recognize and praise top performers within my teamof working.

What will you contribute to the Master of Communication Management program?

In the master of communication management program, I would proudly contribute to listening. Listening is the best way to communicate and many people go astray by it since most communicators do not listen sufficiently. Three particular situations for listening include when emotions get high, within teams and when sharing ideas. When emotions are high, extreme ones like excitement, anger and resentment need attention. Listening would act best here and this is why I would love to attribute in the development of proper listening. Within the master of communication and management program, skills about listening can then be taught to students and the public at large to manage proper communications.

In concluding, I would also establish and improve facilitation of communication. Facilitating communication is far much better than listening and applies to more activities instead of just leading a conversation. Communication facilitating comes with three steps; hearing, integrating and responding. As a development, the facilitation of communication exists but is not practiced exclusively in most conversations and interactions. Enhancing the proper facilitation would then come as my contribution in the master of communication management.



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