Hamlet Loves Ophelia

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Hamlet Loves Ophelia


The Shakespeare’s play Hamlet is replete with fascinating themes, styles, humour and tragedy. The play is performed at a time when Hamlet the prince of Denmark was dramatizing and contemplating on a revenge mission against his uncle Claudius. It is believed that Claudius murdered king Hamlet who was his brother and father to prince Hamlet. The king then succeeded to the throne and took Gertrude, the wife to the late king Hamlet as his wife. The action of his mother being married by King Claudius is a painful experience to prince Hamlet who learns later from a ghost that Claudius killed his father. The aspect of love in the tragedy is developed by Polonius daughter Ophelia who is courting prince Hamlet. The love turns sour when Ophelia’s brother and father do not approve this relationship. The paper will focus on the expression of prince Hamlet’s love towards Ophelia as brought out from major scenes in the play. The paper will include quotes that will depict how Hamlet loved Ophelia via the actions and statements he is seen to make in the play.
Hamlet loves Ophelia

Love is the main theme stipulated in Shakespeare’s tragedy play. The play depicts various instances where love between characters is demonstrated. Ophelia commits suicide on realizing that her beloved father, Polonius, has been killed. This essay paper will focus on the expression of Prince Hamlet’s love towards Ophelia. Hamlet is seeking revenge for his father’s death and hence he is secretive of his love for Ophelia (Act 3, scene 4). He is shielding Ophelia from Claudius; Hamlet fears that if the king knows about their relationship he might harm his lover. Hamlet declares his love for Ophelia during her funeral; he quips that the love of Laertes and other blood brothers, could not match the quantity of love he has for Ophelia (Act 5, scene 1, 270). The love is enormous considering that Laertes is Ophelia brother whom they grew up together. Ophelia is mesmerized by Hamlet’s love; she provides statements that prove his love for her. She demonstrates his desire through the romantic actions he had during their meetings. She quips memorable moments when Hamlet caught her by the wrist, tender showered her with affection and held her (Act 1, scene 3, 85). The confession reveals a reciprocation of Hamlet’s love towards Ophelia. Therefore, it is evident that Hamlet loves Ophelia through the actions and expressions in various scenes of the play.

The Hamlet love for Ophelia in the play is one filled with many disappointments and opposition. Hamlet tries to maintain a relationship amid strong disapproval from Ophelia’s father and brother. At one point, Hamlet admits openly that he is in love with Ophelia. Ophelia says that Hamlet had importuned her with much love in an honourable fashion and that Hamlet had uttered a speech of love with the holiest words from heaven. (1:3, 11). The instance depicts the strong love that existed between them. Hamlets love for Ophelia is also portrayed in the dream when ghosts appeared to him disclosing to him about Claudius murdering his father. The scene makes the reader insinuate that hamlets love for Ophelia never quavered. On that part of the ghost revelation, he was in deep thoughts of his father’s betrayal by his mother and Claudius. To evade this, he pretends to be insane and because of his deep love for Ophelia he wants to destroy the hope she held about the future of their love. Hamlets go along and pretend to reject insults hauls to him by Ophelia (Act 3, scene 1). In this nunnery scene it is evident that Hamlet loved Ophelia, this is seen when he feigns insanity by repeating that he did not love her and telling her to go to a nunnery. From this scene, it is evident that there exists a deep love between them because if surely he was mad, what was the reason of repeating these words to Ophelia? Hamlet love for Ophelia is brought out in the play when he realises that he has two women he loves, one is his mother and the next is Ophelia. However, he takes the painful step of rejecting Ophelia because he had lost faith in his mother after she married King Claudius, a love that was sacrificed from his father. Thus, he fears to marry Ophelia because he fears her to be dishonest. The scene clearly shows that Hamlet loved Ophelia that is why he feared to marry her comparing her with his mother.

The Shakespeare’s tragedy reflects Hamlets plan to revenge his father’s death against king Claudius. The revenge does not come readily because of the love triangle that exists between Hamlet and Ophelia. The play is seen to be prolonged by their love because the ghosts that revealed about King Claudia murdering Hamlet’s father came in the earlier scenes. However, due to a strong love that existed between Hamlet and Ophelia, he is seen to deny the truth and not until the last scene when the Hamlet decides to revenge. Hamlet love for Ophelia is seen in the grave when he confronts Laertes at the graveside of Ophelia. He pretends to be insane in a plan to depict his love with Ophelia. From these instances, it is clear that Hamlet loved Ophelia.
Work cited
Mowat A. Barbara, Werstine Paul. Hamlet, Perfection Learning, New Folger Library Shakespeare, 2003


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