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Research Questions

The purpose of this qualitative research design questions was to explore different strategies that the manager can implement to retain employees. The overarching research question for is study is, what strategies do call center managers implement to reduce employee turnover?


We will be testing the Null hypotheses (): there is no significant relationship between rewarding employees with excellent salary packages and the rate of employee turnover vs. the alternative (): there is a relationship between rewarding employees with excellent pay packages and the rate of employee turnover

Constructional relationship

Carla (2014) suggests that research shows that compensation is not the best motivator that increases job satisfaction. In fact, personalities of the employees are much better predictors. The constructs are relational, but studies show that they are not the causal effect of employee turnover, and therefore we accept the null () hypothesis. A total of 25,000 participants examined, and determination was at 40% of the variability in the job satisfaction ratings. The employees found to be emotionally stable, explicitly extrovert and very conscientious people tend to like their jobs more. Personality is not the most important determinant of the levels of engagement. Therefore, this builds a strong credibility for our hypothesis because compensation does not indicate compensation therefore no correlation. The biggest cause of disengagement has an incompetent leader.

Discussion & Conclusion

Carla (2014) suggests that the envisioned doctoral study questions will not be achieved by using Bivariate correlations. Since from the research, there are more factors in a business environment than just the remuneration package (X) that will predict the employee turnover (Y). Such other factors include the company benefits, employee personalities (conscientiousness, extraverts, emotional stability) and the company management and leadership framework. Therefore, considering that employer’s performance is what drives the compensation plans increase in salaries. It is noted that David (2012), the rises in employee’s pay rely on the ranking and the performance ratings. Thus, this study research will require a more argumentative multivariate method to be more appropriate and exact.


Carla Valencia (2014): “Motivation and Productivity in the Workplace

David K. Williams (2012): “The right compensation plan: Igniting Business”

Ruth Mayhew (2013): “Example of an Employee Compensation Plan


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