Personal Statement

Personal Statement


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Personal Statement

There are a number of personal and professional goals I would like to achieve after my graduation from Temple University. My first goal is to earn a master’s degree in early childhood education. I have always had a soft spot for little children. For this reason, I would derive great joy in seeing these wonderful people grow to fulfill their dreams and attain the highest heights of success. I believe that children taught during an early age would benefit in different ways including: enhanced social skills; limited or no need for special education in the course of subsequent school period; good grades; and better attention spans. In the same vein, I am of the view that young kids registered in pre-school programs normally graduate from high school, go to college, have good behavior and do not engage in crime as they grow up. Adequate knowledge on how to help children realize their dreams would be a major accomplishment for me and this would be made possible by attaining a master’s degree in early childhood education.

My second goal would be to earn my Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB). Given the maturity of applied behavior analysis over the recent past, I believe that there have been issues concerning credentialing. These issues which are prevalent and comparable to other emerging disciplines include the methods of determining and making sure that outstanding behavior analytic programs are delivered. On the other hand, I believe that the resulting poor service quality provided by inexperienced practitioners has had a negative effect in the area of applied behavior analysis as a whole, especially the image of qualified behavior analysts. For this reason, I believe that BACN certification would provide me with the necessary knowledge and skills to determine an experienced behavior analysis practitioner. In addition, it will help me increase the quality and efficiency of behavior analysis programs that are on offer. Finally, it will help me boost the amount of behavior analysis programs on offer.

After my earning my BACB, my third goal would be to pursue my career further by attaining my doctorate in teaching. This would allow me teach college classes in my field of study. I believe that in life, growth is determined by the numerous challenges that one has to contend with. Dealing with the little children would be one part of the challenge in my own career. However, teaching the college classes would be a bigger challenge that will not only boost my career growth, rather will make me appreciate all facets of life.

Besides the three goals, I also have one personal accomplishment. This would be to initiate my own rehab organization that would work to render help to those that have addictions and assist them back to their feet. I grew up in a society where most of the youths had their careers nipped in the bud or their lives cut short due to drug abuse and alcohol related problems. It will be impossible to develop future leadership if this problem is not addressed with the seriousness that it deserves. Based on this, I believe that establishing a rehab organization would be a positive step.


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