KDFC 90.3 Classical and & KCSM 91.1 Jazz Radio

The title of the first piece is Concerto No.1 for Two Pianos in E written by Felix Mendelssohn. The pianos play with an orchestra in the background. The tempo is fast, and the piano music sometimes plays like a fairy tale. The brass wind instruments are heard in between, interrupting the piano with a grand and pompous personality. Sometimes the piano seems to be in hurry, but at other times, it is playful. The tempo also slows down to a point where no instruments are heard for brief moments. I feel relaxed when I hear this type of music.

I next listened to Antonio Vivaldi’s Concerto for Four Violins, Cello and Strings. It sounds like springtime in Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. The tempo is lively, and the music has a regal personality. When the music is playing, I can imagine Kings and Queens or princes and princesses walking on red carpets. This type of music is nice to listen to while driving on a beautiful country road lined up with majestic trees.

Then I listened to Wine, Women and Song by Johann Strauss II. The strings of the orchestra are very prominent in this piece, while the brass section interrupts with brief bursts of energy. This music sounds like the type of music that I would hear during a Bacchanalian festival. It sounds likes the party music of Roman emperors who are intoxicated with wine, women and song. It is also dance music. I can imagine numerous men and women dancing elegantly to the music.

The first jazz piece that I listened to from 91.1 FM has a vocalist. It is a piece from Days of Wine and Roses by Henry Mancini. He sounds somewhat like Sammy Davis, Jr. There is bouncy piano music in the background and rhythmic cymbals that bounce to the beat. There’s also a solo trumpet section that also bounces with the rhythm and the beat, followed by a solo piano section. The song is joyful, like a cool child at play. However, the male singer is actually singing about his beautiful lady.

The next piece is from Young at Heart by Grant Stewart. It is a jazz band with several wind instruments. There is a cello plucking in the background to rhythmic, bouncy beat. A saxophone soloist smoothly follows the beat, while the cymbals in the background dance. It sounds like a tenor saxophone in love. He is trying to tease the audience with smooth tones and rhythm.  There is also a trumpet soloist who bounces with high-pitched metallic tones, rich with feelings. The cellist also has a solo part accompanied by a flutist. The pianist also has his own solo part that dances to the rhythm and beat. It is the type of music that makes your head swing while your fingers snap to the beat.


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