Management Strategy

Management Strategy



Susan Super fit wants to open up firm that deals with the sale of all types of fitness, exercise, training and conditioning equipment. With the emphasis on sport equipment, she needs to have some kind of uniqueness that will enable her to compete with already existing and major sport houses and megastores. This is a strategy she wishes to achieve by ensuring that her consumers will have a more guided and personalized experience at her store. Her aim is to ensure that employees are well trained and knowledgeable of the various products at the store ensuring that they give customers proper guidance in equipment use and help them according to their specific needs. For this reason, Susan should employ the high involvement management strategy at the firm.

This management strategy has its emphasis on empowering employees and playing a minimal supervisory role. The major requirement for a manager to ensure success of this strategy is to make sure that the employees goals are aligned with those of the organization. There is a need for employees to know what the company goals are as this strategy is based on individual decision making under minimal supervision. The strategy gives a lot of freedom and autonomy to all players in a firm while using compensation systems to reinforce their behaviors and attitudes towards their work.

Various management principles are vital to the success of this management strategy. One outstanding principle is power which means that employees are empowered to make decisions critical to their performance and work quality. Power should be pushed down to the lowest levels ensuring input from all sectors of the firm and in turn providing accountability. At The Fit Stop, Susan is employing physiotherapists with degrees in kisienology, managers with Bachelor of Commerce degrees and sales people with at least diplomas. This are all learned people with skills in different areas and their input can assist in the solving of various customer issues without having to consult from managers as the only decision making people. With power, these employees will also be able to share ideas freely as there is no fear of speaking out ones knowledge.

There is also the principle of learning and sharing knowledge. Major emphasis should focus on the learning and continuous development of employees. This ensures that all staff members have the ability to handle and delegate different projects without supervision. The firm has to provide continuous training to employees on the use of all available equipments ensuring they are able to advice customers. Susan’s foundational principles is based on effective customer experience that ensures the customer gets what he or she needs under the correct diagnosis of a professional. Therefore, she has to ensure her employees are well enlightened to reduce the need for supervision and increase the customer’s trust in her staffs’ effectiveness.

A reward system is a basic component in high involvement strategies that ensures organizational performance is enhanced. Rewarding employees for their performance ensures that they use all their knowledge and power for the betterment of the firm. Susan should not only copy the compensation strategy of other firms but find a unique way of rewarding her employees. An effective compensation system will ensure her employees are always highly motivated and willing to go the extra mile for the benefit of the company. Compensation of employees can even determine whether professionals in the field will want to work in ones company leaving their present firms to join your team. Attracting professional employees can effectively boost the success of the management strategy and the firm goals.


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