Analysis on the Financial Crisis and Lehman Brothers Collapse

Hello. I would you to make a few clarifications before start working on your paper.
I can see that the type of this order is a dissertation, I would like to know whether your professor expects you to write the paper in the format of a dissertation including all the subsections such as;
Background information,
Research objectives and questions which in this case would be the two questions you are supposed to answer,
(b) Literature Review
(c) Research Methodology
3.1 Data collection
3.3 Limitations 3
(d) Analysis and Discussion
(e) Conclusion
Option B
Or should we just answer the two questions in 15 pages without the dissertation format?

At the same time, kindly make the first question clearer.
This is the question: The financial crisis of 2007-2010; should accounts of its causes focus on the world of finance alone? (50 marks)
What does it mean? Kindly make these clarifications so that I can start working on it ASAP.


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