Research Manuscript Critique

Research Manuscript Critique
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Research Manuscript Critique
Article One
According to the first article, the type of study is quantitative as it looks into the number of the families bereaved through suicide.  The article studies a total of eight families that have been bereaved through suicide. The research topic of this article is the degree to which those who are bereaved through suicide suffer as compared to the others who are bereaved in the normal ways like the natural death. The purpose of this study was actually to show how and why the people bereaved though suicide suffer a lot compared to those who are bereaved by natural deaths and any other means of death. It is said in the study that; those who were bereaved through suicide spent their early lives attempting to control the impact of the death; there was also need to make sense of the deaths that had occurred. Also into consideration was the uneasiness within the bereaved. The final thing considered was that the families accepted that the death occurred with a purpose (Corbin, & Strauss, 2014). The specific research questions for this research could be; what was the cause of the suicide, how could it be prevented among other questions.
Article Two
The researchers of this study used both qualitative and quantitative methods of study. The research topic in this research is the misuse of the illegal use of the prescription ADHD medications among College Campus students. The researchers are trying to find out why the students use the ADHD illegally. The purpose of the study is mainly to find out why the students use this drug the way they do and not for the intended purposes. The research mainly intends to find out why the students use the ADHD especially during the summer and winter seasons. It is said in the study that 34% of the students use the ADHD in the wrong way (Corbin, & Strauss, 2014). The ADHD is said to be mainly misused during the academic stress periods. The research found out that the students believed that the ADHD reduced fatigue but increased their memory, cognition, interest and the reading comprehensiveness. Most of the students did not know much about the drug and believed it made procurement easy and that it was stigma free. Some of the specific research questions include; is it true that the ADHD drug performed the activities claimed by the students? How should the misuse of the drug be controlled among other relevant questions?
Article Three
This research uses a quantitative type of study. The research topic is the method through which the conceptual application of the introductory part of the psychology as a subject could be increased. The purpose of the study is to show how the conceptual application in the starting parts of the study of psychology can be increased. The main theme of the research is that there should be a way in which the students can turn the theoretical works learnt in class into practice (Corbin, & Strauss, 2014). The study suggests that the CBI which has been applied to other areas of study such as law, medicine, education and many other areas could be applied here in the study of psychology. The specific research questions for this study would be; how can the theories learnt be put into practice? Would the CBI prove in psychology as it has proven in the other learning areas?  These among other several questions would have been asked.

Corbin, J., & Strauss, A. (2014). Basics of qualitative and quantitative researches: Techniques and procedures for developing grounded theory.


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